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Brutus Buckeye (Official Thread)

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Will Bryant
Staff member
Too little, too late. The voting ends at 4:59pm 12/22. No way they can catch up now.

Figure we have roughly 1.43 million votes, Aubie has 1.01 million. 420k vote spread.

This week (12/08-12/15) Aubie has supposedly managed nearly 101k votes to our 64k. But there's only one week (12/16-12/22) left. Even if we didn't get another vote, they'd have to more than quadruple their current breakneck pace. Assume we get another 60k, they'd need to nearly quintiple it.

Doesn't mean any of us can or should stop voting, but I do think we can breathe easy. Last year Aubie swooped in at the end (thanks to some creative programming) and managed to steal the win -- but he wasn't going up against Brutus.
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with hat in hand
USC's mascot is up to over

90% on Momentum meter!?? WTF?
Though I am a Buckeye, I love the name of South Carolina's puppet. But how'd he (she? it?) garner so many votes so quickly? If this had been going on from the start, they'd have enough votes for both first & second place.
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Staff member
They are up to 90% eh? I see they like to cheat as well. No big deal the votes aren't going through. They are using a program on several computers.

Edit: HAHA! That is hillarious I just went and voted. I see now what the people who run this mean by it may look like they are voting on the front end. If you add up the percentages of the momentum meter it is like 200%. Also they may not being using cookies now. I just voted twice maybe somthing is messed up with the cookies on their site
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
As of Dec 21st, 7:10 p.m. Hawaii time (Dec 22nd, 12:10 a.m. Ohio time), out of 4,566,179 votes cast, we had 34% (1,552,500), Aubie had 23.7% (1,082,184), and Cocky had 18.2% (831,044). Since the rules state: "5:00 p.m. ET December 22, 2003. Votes received after 5:00 p.m. ET Dec.22, 2003 will not be counted ", unless Aubie can come up with over 470,000 more votes than us in just under 17 hours, they can give it up.

Brutus rules!
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with hat in hand
Nope. It was so sad, too. Far worse than losing ten in a row to M******n. :wink2: Actually we won the voting part of it, which was only half the total possible points. The judges (obviously paid off) chose another for their part of the points.
For a more refreshing point of view, ask Mili what he thinks of the outcome. :lol:

This is where I got started on BuckeyePlanet. I was going to all the Boards, even into enemy territory, plugging this. Doing so, I read a lot on a lot of different boards, kinda ended up spending more time here than anywhere else....
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Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot.
Former FF Keeper Champ
I remember last time Capitol One did this and srewed Brutus HUGE. It wasn't even close in the fan voting, but somehow the judges votes counted more than hundreds of thousands of fan votes. I know it was just a promotional competition, but it pissed me off royally! :mad1:
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Sweet Crude
Big enough?
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