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  • Thought I had found a great site to share my videos. If not, thanks anyway. Feel free to remove my account, as my only reason for joining was to share my videos so that other Buckeye fans could enjoy re-watching "The Best 11th Ranked Team In The Land" as often as they liked.
    I found the rules and it states you do not post links to games. I am just trying to find a site to share the games that I record and encode. I have been doing this since 2005 at many sites. Is it allowed to private message the links to any other member who wishes to download the videos?
    I don't see a banner for winning the upset picks contest last year. Is it there and I'm just not seeing it? Don't think I'm going to get another one this year.
    Forgive my ignorance, but I can't seem to find a way to completely disable all email alerts. I check so frequently on here that there's really no need to receive an email every time there's a response to one of my watched threads. I try disabling via the email that I receive, but it only ever disables for that thread. Any new thread I subscribe to, I start getting new emails. Any suggestions?
    Funny thing is that I legitimately expected that text correction to operate in the other direction. Guess I forgot which term was considered to be offensive. :p
    You having any issues with Safari crashing since the ios9 update? It seems to crash every time I refresh. Wondering if Chrome or one of the other browsers would work a little better.
    Hiya Clarity,
    Could you please send me a message? I am using this name on a cell phone. Not sure how to start a conversation on the phone.
    I'm having some issues logging on under me real name.
    Got a new problem: the banners and pop ups for Honda are annoying. If you allow the browser arrow to touch them they go into full screen ads. In the case of the banner I get a full screen of Honda locations in the Cincinnati area and the only way to close it is to close out of BP and then reopen. I know we need the sponsors, but this Honda series seems to be beyond what was bargained for.
    Clarity, I finally got the3 bugs out of my Pay Pall account and got around to donating. I doubled my usual amount to make up for 2013. Thanks for all you do to keep this site up and running. I enjoy my time at BP and am so glad it's there. Cincibuck
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