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  • Can't use trademarked logos like o. OSU tried to claim we were infringing on trademark when we did shirts and logo but we were okay because we don't use their shade of red or actual logos.
    My sister in law is from Arlington and her 3 brothers own the majority of funeral homes around Findlay. Her younger brother, who in his years was a star athlete in high school, told me about Craft and his defense after he committed.
    Glad to have you back. You've missed a lot of fun, but we're still the same bunch of elitists.

    Yup, we're a little bit east of Columbus.

    We keep saying "1-2 years" for the baby stage of life :) I think we'll probably be ready once we're settled in at the house for a bit.

    Thanks, I'm hoping to expand to road FB & bb games someday, but right now they have some veterans doing those tasks, but I can't complain with what I've got now. The wife and I are both doing what we love for small paychecks (she is a horse trainer who gives lessons) while our friends earn more and hate their jobs :)

    The funny thing about that username is that I've built up a pretty decent reputation on the UM boards as one of the more respectful buckeyes. If they only knew my original username :lol:
    Been pretty good, taking OSU FB photos for BSB (OSU Scout), working as a school/sports photographer the rest of the time. Just had an offer accepted on our first house (waiting on bank paperwork).

    How are things with you?

    I assume you're back for the long haul now?
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