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  • My Ohio hoops/SEC football comparison was a subtle jab to Habanero and his demand for Ohio talent. I wish I followed Buckeye hoops recruiting half as closely as I follow Buckeye football recruiting. Hopefully Holtmann gives us the Urban-effect in hoops!
    Hi there! Hope your Thanksgiving was fantastic. I just got back from my sister's place - with a cooler full of leftovers, lol. Score! :p
    Thanks but I need a little more time to really assess what this means. I'm thinking a couple losses but hopefully JT steps up.
    Haha, yeah. Sadly my pro team is the Suns, and they've been stuck with Marshall the past 2 seasons. They're trying to unload him for a bag of peanuts if they can now. I really am not a fan of comparisons as is... but that one was more than a reach. Maybe Kendall Gill lol.
    Melissa Martinek is only 32 yrs old.. she has to get her practice somehow (:wink:) .. quit using up my tax dollars .. and get me a center for the Cavs
    Thanks for the heads up. It's not a topic I normally follow closely, I just happened to notice the news about Beach because I was seeing what reactions to the McGuff were shaping up like. Since his hiring ended up being off into it's own thread I didn't think I should stick her news in there and never thought to put it in the women's thread. I'll definitely keep it in mind in the future!
    For programs like Word or Excel, right-clicking a pinned icon opens a list of recent or favorite files for fast access. Programs also become temporarily pinned when in use, so if you pin the ones you use most often, you can control where they are on the task bar.
    Not a problem man. I do web devlopment for a living and troubleshooting issues like this is half the battle. I have a love/hate relationship with certain browsers. What text to speech program are you running?
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