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QB Will Howard (Official Thread)

The fact that Chip Kelly could turn Jeremiah Masoli and Darron Thomas into CFB stars, shows me that he can get equal production from Howard.
Split Value Cmp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Solo Ast Tot Loss Sk
Total 449 733 61.3 5910 66 17 154.1 162 719 4.4 9 2 4 2.0 0 2 0 2 0.0 0.0
Split Value Cmp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate Att Yds Avg TD Rec Yds Avg TD Punts Yds Avg
Total 480 840 57.1 5930 42 24 127.2 369 1930 5.2 29 1 7 7.0 0 3 131 43
Average those two together and look how good the stats are and then, think about how good the supporting cast is going to be this year compared to what those other two had to work with. This is gonna be good.

Edit: Obviously @DaddyBigBucks I am not, but the numbers I looked at in a minimum type of range instead of those career numbers, tell me that if the QB takes care of the ball, at minimum. We're going trophy hunting.
Cmp Att Pct Yds TD Int Rate Att Yds Avg TD
Only those INTs are a bad number. Dear God those rows are so out of whack. Mea Culpa
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2024 tOSU Defense Discussion

At this point in time check out 11W's 3 deep on defense:

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I couldn't find the turd with a halo emoji so I'll just say it, Holy Crap!

I honestly believe that we will have the best pass Defense in the country for the next 5 years if Knowles finds a way to simplify his verbiage so that the new guys can get close to Plug N Play because the talent level at DB and WR are the best, maybe in history, during this run of players. It all comes down to finding a pass rush without bringing the house. If that happens we're looking at a dynasty type of run and I'm totally here for it.
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2025 FL WR Jaime Ffrench Jr (Alabama Decommit)

Geez. I will let the staff decide if he's worth taking, but that is insane if true. I am a person that has embraced NIL to an extent, but I think it has also exposed potential character flaws. Most of our players are being taken care of, but they remain humble and focused on the ultimate prize of winning a title. There is a big difference between an outlandish money grab versus a kid that wants to reap the rewards of NIL, but also is a team player that wants to win.

Can't say that I know anything on that front here, but if he's just straight out for the money then I would stay away despite the talent. But I digress, the staff has a better handle on it and I will defer to them. This staff doesn't play games in this category and will pass if that is happening.
I think it is fair to say, at this point, that we all agree that NIL is a good thing. NIL, not free freaking agency. Any recruit that goes to the Top 5 programs in the country are mostly, just another great player. They don't deserve once in a lifetime money before even making the team. Before even getting on campus these kids don't actually deserve a penny unless an organization wants to promote them and they sign an advertising contract or some such but Lamborghini is a stretch for just about anyone even at the pro level except for the elite. We're out of balance without a doubt.
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2025 FL WR Jaime Ffrench Jr (Alabama Decommit)

Just saw where Ffrench now doesn't include OSU in his top 3, and is openly lobbying for an NIL deal with Lamborghini... Honestly(and this is only my opinion) this kid can GTFOH! And that's if he's being serious about that deal. He is in no way even close to JJ Smith who didn't even ask for a deal like that openly, and honestly I wouldn't put him over Graham either. If Texas or LSU want to give him that deal, than have at it, Hartline has shown what he can do with WRs, and the amount of 1st round picks he has litters the NFL. I'm sure OSU will offer a competitive package for NIL, but expecting a Lambo in year 1, when JJ Smith has like a Dodge Durango, that's just asinine. I'm sure this recruitment will have more ups and downs, and OSU could still be in the race, but I don't see OSU providing a deal with a uber- luxury car brand for a 18yo who hasn't gained a yard in a Buckeye uniform
Ok Nuts, I feel you. First time I've seen you get emotional in this stuff which, frankly, is astonishing considering how much recruiting you immerse yourself in. This stuff is looney tunes for sure and I'm inclined to agree with you 100%.
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Ohio State Rowing Team (6 Straight B1G Champs, 2013-2014-2015 National Champs)

Sweeney was Big Ten Coach of the Year a couple of years ago and is the granddaughter of an Ohio State professor and her parents graduated from the Law School. I hope that she will move on to something really good.
You know I was thinking about all of those connections and I'm hoping this wasn't because of any recent developments at the university level that were less than optimal for tOSU reputation. Maybe I'm just paranoid. That still doesn't mean people aren't out to get me though. :paranoid:
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OL Gabe VanSickle (Official Thread)



Gabe VanSickle is starting his Ohio State career with a simple goal.

“I want to just keep getting stronger and better every day because if you get 1% better every day, that adds up after a while,” VanSickle told Eleven Warriors this week.

VanSickle will arrive at Ohio State next weekend as one of seven summer enrollees in Ohio State’s 2024 recruiting class. The four-star offensive lineman joins wide receiver Mylan Graham, defensive end Dominic Kirks, tight ends Max LeBlanc and Damarion Witten, safety Leroy Roker and punter Nick McLarty in the second wave of freshmen joining the Buckeyes for the upcoming season.

Although VanSickle wasn’t on campus for spring practices, he’s been putting in plenty of work to get ready to start his Ohio State career.

He’s had two Zoom meetings a week with offensive line coach Justin Frye and graduate assistant Mike Sollenne, who have helped him learn OSU’s offensive playbook and the techniques he will need to know as an offensive lineman in the Buckeyes’ offense.

“The reads on where the linebackers are, where the D-tackles and where the D-ends are, and how much depth you should have on a set, how vertical you should be on an inside run play and stuff like that,” VanSickle said of what he’s learned from those meetings.

VanSickle has also been doing lifting and agility drills as part of a workout plan devised for him by Ohio State. He knows from talking to the players already on campus that he needs to be ready for intense summer workouts once he arrives at Ohio State.

“You need to get ready for them, because they come and hit you hard if you're not ready for them,” VanSickle says he’s been told. “So yeah, I'm just trying to get ready for them every day I work out.”
Is that percentage improvement compounded or simple?
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Should semipro/college players be paid, or allowed to sell their stuff? (NIL and Revenue Sharing)

Here is the big learning point about universities...The pigs will always line up at the trough. Find some money? Earn some money? There will always be some entitled person lining up and trying to get your money. Title IX? Non-revenue sports? They will come with their rent-seeking demands for "fairness". They always do.
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