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tOSU Recruiting Discussion

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by Smudger, Jan 28, 2017.

  1. johnson2443

    johnson2443 Sophmore

    I know it’s been mentioned before, but for probably the highest profile recruiting weekend ever, how crazy is it that we had good rain earlier this week, absolutely amazing weather Friday, today and tomorrow, and it’s going to rain all next week. Woody sure had the staffs back this weekend for weather that’s for sure
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  2. AuTX Buckeye

    AuTX Buckeye Beam me up, Mr. Speaker. Yahoo Pickem Champ Former Game Champion

    I will be curious to follow the “Crystal Ball” coming out of this weekend for folks that have us as near “locks”. Unfortunately for us we are the first school they are visiting in most cases in what at least a year. I will be interested to see what is true interest or its emotional “this is awesome, I love it here” because they are getting to visit and each place after might get the same “I love it here” treatment
  3. pnuts34

    pnuts34 Drunk off of wolverine tears

    Yeah, I think you're seeing that "optimism" all throughout the country with the visits. Programs like scUM, Miami, Texas, USC, etc are thinking that they're going to get everyone that visits. Its cute optimism for them, but I think OSU has a much more realistic chance with our recruits. I'm not wearing scarlet colored glasses, but I think a number of the kids visiting already had OSU in their top 3, unlike some of those other schools. I think OSU's visitors are on more of a business trip than on just visit to see a campus. Programs like OSU, Clemson, Bama, UGA rarely get many decommits, and this won't be any different
  4. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Still early to start a 2024 thread, so I’ll drop this here. Kid is definitely going to be one to watch.

  5. NastyNatiBuck

    NastyNatiBuck Junior

    Was listening to Split Zone Duo, which, imo, is the best college football podcast it right now. It is highly informative and entertaining.

    They had a guest from 247 sports on in the latest episode who is guessing that, due to the NCAA giving everyone an extra year if eligibility, 500-750 fewer football players will sign with FBS schools this recruiting cycle. I feel for those kids.
  6. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Jackson State WR transfer

  7. Redhawk

    Redhawk All-American

    WR is an interesting position at which to receive a transfer at this time, no?
  8. Oh8ch

    Oh8ch Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis Staff Member

    This was the other shoe when the NCAA gave everyone a pass on 2020. Even if they expanded the limits for the next 3 or 4 years most schools can't afford to keep that many kids on schollie. (In fact, I would be curious how many schools stay well below the limit on a regular basis regardless.)
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  9. NastyNatiBuck

    NastyNatiBuck Junior

    Exactly. And with title 9, you're not just giving the football team additional scholarships, you're having to match that on the women's side as well.
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  10. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

  11. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    GREAT read from Birm on the first two weeks of visits.

  12. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    Watch: Ohio State releases recruiting video promoting Columbus

    The video opens with the voice of FOX's college football announcer Gus Johnson saying, "Welcome to Columbus," before transitioning through a number of musical acts that visited the city recently, including Migos, DJ Khaled, Jay-Z and Beyonce. The video then highlights Columbus' sports teams, including Ohio State, the Blue Jackets, the Clippers and the defending MLS Cup champions Columbus Crew and their new downtown stadium.

    It's not just about music and sports in Columbus, as the video showcases. Quick cuts show various food locales around the city, as well as some of the major brands and entertainment, such as the Columbus Zoo and the Zoombezi Bay waterpark. The video ends with shots of downtown, the Short North area and, of course, Ohio Stadium.

    While a video like this may always be good for recruits to see, especially those from outside the state and the Midwest, it may carry an even bigger weight these days. With the expected change in name, image and likeness rules around college sports, the Buckeyes hope to capitalize on all that Columbus, the country's 14th biggest city by population with multiple Fortune 500 companies, can offer players, not just on the football field.

    Entire article:
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  13. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    I feel like it’s going to be a rough summer for the ol’ Tom Loy projections.
  14. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Also, I think we’ve now offered their entire team.

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  15. pnuts34

    pnuts34 Drunk off of wolverine tears

    I'd be fine if they offered their team, along with IMG, Jacksonville Trinity(FL), Allen(TX), and and Duncanville(TX)
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