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Let the cards fall...

I'm going to buy some scalped tickets in Ann Arbor, how much do you think that I'll get killed for? Also, where is the best place to hang out?

I'm going for a pair of tickets. Thanks folks :groove:

edit: BTW, that damn dancing banana is killing me.


Herbie for President
You might want to look at the brokers here in town... get an idea for where the market is... if you don't like those prices then you can always deal with the "weekend brokers" at the game... cheer loud, our guys need all the support they can get up there!! (oh bring an oxygen tank, I think there is something in the air up there :tongue2: j/k
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Got to look better next week

I know that it all comes down to "just win baby" but another performance like this one today won't do against UM. I don't like the fact that we had so many chances to put this thing away today and didn't. I'm hoping that they were looking ahead to next week and that was partly the cause of the lackluster performance.
I think UM will pick one thing up from todays game. If you run enough misdirections it can be affective against a very agrresive Buckeye defense that has a tendancy to over pursue. Navarre isn't mobile and that will be a plus. Linebackers will not have to spy on him and will be free to concentrate on the run or simply fall back into coverage. Against UM I'd stack the box and make Navarre beat me. Put alot of pressure on him and he's sure to make a couple real bonehead plays. If the bucks sit back in coverage and let him have time he can be effective. Confuse him with Smith dropping back at times while you bring Hawk, Reynolds and Allen on blitzes. Rattle J.N. and we'll beat scUM.
We got to get better on Kick coverage. So many of M.N.'s kicks have sailed out of the end zone that I don't think we are real skilled in coverage. Can't have any big run backs next week in a traditional battle of field position. I just want my our shot at UO.I want to hear for 6 weeks going into the Sugar bowl that we don't have a chance in hell and once again shock the world. GO BUCKS
I'd rather have a general that's lucky rather than good...Gen. Patton
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I agree

First time poster here from San Antonio (originally from Carlisle, Ohio). I agree that we need to look better, but I still believe that the team will do just enough to win next week at scUM.

I know a point has been made that several of the players starting today were recruited by Cooper. However, Tressel obviously gets a lot more out of the Buckeyes than Cooper ever could. Do you remember how much talent we had with Boston, George, Frey, and others, and still felt, no matter how much better we were than the other team, the Buckeyes would find a way to lose?

Isn't it amazing now that no matter how much more talent the other team has, I feel (and I hope everyone else does too) that Tressel's Buckeyes will find a way to win? That they are never out of a game, and never get themselves into a position to be out of a game? I say, bring on scUM and bring on the Sooners. These Bucks will just find a way to do it, ugly warts and all!
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THINK, Before You Speak
Former College Pick'Em Champ
Nice points ashland.

In 1995 we watched Tim Biakabutuka shred our "aggressive-overpursuing" defense to the tune of 300+ yards. Guarding against the misdirection will be huge as dUMb did quite well with it last year also.
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Will Bryant
Staff member
Things broke during that game at my house. I don't remember exactly why (conveniently, I think I've blocked out things during that game), but I remember having to contact Sony to replace at least one remote afterwards.

Damn dogs... Or something...
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The best damn pants in the land
I've sat and watched Ohio State constantly be dissed by the guys on ESPN. the guys on college gameday seem absolutely positive that scUM will beat Ohio State. They even said it was "going to be a blowout". It's time for Ohio State to go to Ann Arbor and lay a whippin' on the Wolverines
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i was at the biakabuttholeaka game....i was attending with a friend of mine who is an ex-Div1 linebacker.....you want to talk about obscenities coming from someones mouth....you should have heard him ripping the lb play that day.......

anyways, enough with the nightmares......if scum runs for over a 100 we are in big trouble.

if the bucks can make scum one-dimensional....i like the bucks in a close one.
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I have never felt so confident about an upcoming OSU win as I do when the Buckeyes play the weanies this coming Saturday. Michigan is good at talking - all summer long they talked, and the enter their NC season ending battle with 2 losses. Apparently they still have not learned their lesson:

Edwards was asked if anybody could control the U-M receivers when they play well. "To be honest, no," Edwards said. "I don't want to make that an arrogant comment, but Jason, Steve and I, we're a great team. You can't stop us."

Braylon Edwards - We Be Bad
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A college football writer who gets it...

This game will be a close game, and close games are the domain of Ohio State football. It will be up to Michigan, and particularly Navarre, to make clutch, ice-veins plays down the stretch, and given the Wolverines’ legacy of failing to make the huge play in the huge game over the past six seasons, there’s a lot to be said for picking Ohio State in this game. Just as OSU had all the talent but none of the guts in the 1990s under John Cooper, so it is that, entering this game, the Buckeyes are now in the exact opposite position: the Wolverines have the guns, but OSU has the heart and intangibles. If you’re a student of history, you know that in this college football classic, the intangibles usually win out against the pure athleticism.

Why OSU Will Win
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Let the cards fall...
Ah yes, can you hear the sound of everyone jumping on the Michigan bandwagon? Kind of like the way they did earlier this season before Oregon punched them in the face. Everyone has written OSU off this week.........I LOVE IT. Given our past history, we do much better as the underdog. Let Michigan sit and contemplate how they will blow us out. Chances are, if we just play our boring old offense and stingy defense, Michigan will beat themselves. Tressel is much better than Carr at chess.
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Hall of Fame
The game at the Pighouse two years ago was one that alot of M Fans will never forget. As well as alot of us Ohio State will never
forget Tressels statement of "310 days from now in Ann Arbor Michigan" To me it was the longest 310 days that I ever had to wait in my life and after the game, i was dumbfounded with joy and could not believe we had stolen one from them.

I truly believe we caught them with their pants down and played with intensity that I had never seen from a buckeye defense before. Navarre was baffled to the point where he had to release alot quicker than usual and we destroyed his timing with the pass rush and hands raised, blocking down alot of his throws.

I just hope that Tressel and his staff will show a whole new strategy, especially from the offensive side of the ball this time. That is our only chance of winning up there. I thought for sure we would have seen McMullen in the Purdue game and that really surprised me to no end. I just have a strong feeling Tressel will have some surprises up his sleeve or vest because we sure are going to need it. And also I still can't believe, that what we have witnessed this season, is the best that the buckeyes have had to offer in the way of Ohio State Football as we all know it.

Alot of you know me from over in Bucknuts as being a proponent of Jim Tressels style and how much I believed in this, but now i am beginning to wonder if some changes are needed. I sure don't know how he continues to win like this. It sure makes alot of us, very uneasy with the way they are winning football games.

At some point in time we are going to have to become very
convincing, because right now we sure don't portray that picture to alot of people. Then again we have to remember that this is what the game is all about at the end. Ohio State and Michigan at the end playing for all the marbles. One thing is for sure, I know i will not be getting much sleep in the longest week of my life.
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