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    Anyhow, Hugh & Fay's son-in-law and daughter now own Cometic Gaskets which is located in Concord and they are in the money. Their names are Bob and Bindy Gorman. Their house backs up to Little Mountain golf course. I could go on and on for quite some time but I guess I will wrap it up for now.
    I have always thought that you were a fine fellow. You have never come across brash or insensitive. However, there are a few on here that do.

    With that being said, before I forget, I will never forget our Sunday journeys to Painesville and our stop by the way back at the Isaly's ice cream shop on the square.
    My wife's sister and brother-in-law moved to Mentor from the Steubenville area in the early 50s. His last name is Taylor and he taught shop at Mentor high school for quite some time. Low-key guy but extremely nice. My wife had another sister who initially taught at Painesville or Fairport Harbor and later moved onto Willoughby South. Her name was Thelma Hill. She probably taught history. Extremely intelligent.


    Bah! I am so sorry. I updated the donor database just prior to you sending this message, it seems, and hadn't logged back in since. I didn't know you were owed money until I saw this. I hope it's not too late, but I just added 17 million vCash to your account. Keep me posted. :)

    Dubs; I don't know this but i have a strong feeling that you will be there for the Toledo / Ohio State game in Cleveland. If you go give a good report of how things went.
    Randy, I'm looking forward to it. Should be a great keepsake!

    I'm sure hoping that our beloved Bucks will rise to the occasion tommorow night and kick some Trojan a$$. Here's hoping for a big victory for the good guys!!
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