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  • Looking forward to a successful season. Happy to be a Buckeye. I hope things are going well for you.
    Thanks my friend! A few glitches on D but the Offense was lights out. Sooooooooo glad CFB is back! Every Blessing to you and yours! GOBUCKS!
    Dennis, Merry Christmas to you as well. Thanks for thinking of us in Ohio, it's my son that needs some divine guidance. He is driving (moving) from Seattle to St Louis and is on the road. He spent his Birthday in a hotel yesterday and today he is driving somewhere in Montana and Utah trying to reach his sister who lives in Denver. He's on his own and pulling a trailer loaded with a snow mobile. Needless to say he on my mind. Thanks again for your wishes, and I'm sure that Adam could use a few prayers as he makes his way "home".

    Merry Christmas, Dennis
    it was a joke about the bashing of Tebow which. I never understood but, I made a joke about it but, its gone you happy now I'll get you some pizza hut
    Hey Dennis,

    You should be getting that OSU-PSU Program sometime this week, I hope. It will be coming from BB73, and he was hoping to meet you at the game last saturday to hand it to you in person. He actually PM'd me on friday night, and I didin't get the message until after midnite- he wanted to know if I had your cell phone # to call you and arrange to meet. Guess the cheap bastard wanted to save $.42!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyway, hope you had a great time, and what a great game to see. I'm kinda happy it turned out like it did. Brings our kids down to earth, and gives a real boost to a program like Navy, who by the way looked DAMM good.

    Peace brother.

    Randy (aka "Dubs")
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