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Neal Shipley - ex tOSU golfer, now touring pro

Thanks Script. Was watching leaderboard, but no joy for Neal. When the numbers are in the -20's, ten it's a putting contest, and reading above, seems to be Neal's Achilles heel. Well, he'll get better, or be relegated to Q school every year, which from what I've seen, is the most pressure packed tournament out there.
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Keep an eye on Shipley this weekend. All the big name golfers are in Scotland; he's playing in a PGA tournament in Kentucky (i.e. ISCO Championship) this weekend. So far he is shooting -7 thru 15 (tied for 3rd). The leader is in the clubhouse at -11. The second place guy finished at -8 and currently there are 9 players at -7.
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Shipley fired a 65 today, he's now at -12, tied for 8th. The leader is in at -14, there are 7 players at -13 (one has nine holes to play...:confused:). After 2 rounds it looks like he'll just be 2 strokes off the lead. It's a "bummer" that yesterday he boggied 2 of the last 3 holes. The cut looks to be at -7.

Update: Pierceson Cody who had 9 holes to go shot a -5 and is the new leader at -16. Shipley is 4 shots out of the lead. The cut was -8.

Shipley is playing pretty good golf, he had 1 bogey, 6 birdies , and 1 eagle today for a 65. Yesterday he had 7 birdies through 15 and boggied 2 of the last three holes for a 67.
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Haven't been able to watch him on GolfTV, but sounds like he's definitely competing out there. As said before, it's a BIG jump from good college golfer to a consistent pro. Happy to see he's 'earning while he's learning', and building his cred along the way. Plus, cashing a check has gotta make him feel good. Go Bucks!
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He's finished to day with a 66 and is currently 2 strokes off the lead at -18 (tied for 4th). The leader at -20 still has a couple more holes to go.

He played today with an eagle and 4 birdies (no bogeys)

If he plays good tomorrow he'll be in line for a nice payout:
▪ First place: $720,000
▪ Second place: $436,000
▪ Third place: $276,000
▪ Fourth place: $196,000
▪ Fifth place: $164,000
▪ Sixth place: $145,000
▪ Seventh place: $135,000
▪ Eighth place: $125,000
▪ Ninth place: $117,000
▪ 10th place: $109,000
▪ 11th place: $101,000
▪ 12th place: $93,000
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Thanks Script. Minus 20 is a putting contest, which was noted as being Neil's 'achilles heel'. Well, he putted well enough to be within two of the logjam in first place. Either he's getting better at reading and stroking on the greens, or he's found 'the great putter'! Either way, congrats Neil. Great way to play on the tour.
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Just sayin':

1) Shipley is playing in the Barracuda Championship this weekend.
2) They got some screwed up scoring system.
The Modified Stableford is the Barracuda Championship's unique scoring format. Instead of scoring in a stroke play format, players at the Barracuda Championship will receive points based on play with the highest points earner winning. Players receive eight points for an albatross, five for eagle and two for birdie. A point is deducted for bogey and three for double bogey.
3) After 2 days Shipley is +20 (in a 3 way tie for 13th), the leader is at +26, and the cut line is at +11. The difference between +20 and +26 is just 3 birdies.
4) Here's what the payout looks like:
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Well, Shipley shot +5 +15 +3 +8 for a total of +31 (currently he is tied with 4 players for 40th place) for the tournament. There are still golfers on the course. The leader is at +49 through 17 holes today. Shipley did make the cut and will get a payday; however, it may only be in the $15K to $16K range. Next week the PGA tour tournament is the 3M Open in Minnesota, it has the twice purse the as the Barracuda, i.e. $8.1M vs $4.0M.
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