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Neal Shipley - ex tOSU golfer, now touring pro


Too soon old, too late smart
Haven't seen anything about tOSU's newest touring pro, Neal Shipley. Low amateur in 2024 Masters, then duplicated by being low amateur at 2024 US Open. Turned pro for next tournament Canadian Open, I believe (please correct if in error). Nowhere have I seen if he cashed in that one. Young man has the talent (first one in US Open to drive a par four), to hang with these guys, but a long way from very good collegiate golfer to being an adequate pro golfer. Believe he'll learn, adapt, and hopefully overcome. Welcome Neal! Hopefully he'll wear scarlet & gray on Sunday, as Tiger wears red on Sunday to push Stanford.

Neal Shipley finishes inside top ten at professional golf debut on PGA Tour Americas​

Neal Shipley's first professional golf event was a success as he cracked the top ten at The Beachlands Victoria Open.

Shipley played in the PGA Tour Americas event and it was his first event since turning pro on the heels of incredible performances as an amateur at the Masters and the U.S. Open.

The Mt. Lebanon native and Central Catholic graduate was the low amateur at both those events and turned pro immediately following the U.S. Open last week at Pinehurst.

Shipley finished his first pro event tied for 9th place, shooting -15 under par in the tournament held in Victoria, British Columbia.

For a standard event on the PGA Tour Americas, prize money awarded for 9th place is just over $6,500.

Ohio State golfer Neal Shipley tees it up in the Rocket Mortgage Classic​

This week’s tournament in Detroit will be Shipley’s first PGA Tour event as a professional.


Former Ohio State golfer Neal Shipley is now officially a professional. Two weeks ago Shipley played in the U.S. Open as an amateur, battling Florida State’s Luke Clanton for the low amateur crown. The two amateurs entered the final round sitting at +4 and were paired together, becoming just the second pair of amateurs in the last 40 years to play a U.S. Open Sunday round together.

Shipley was a little better on Sunday at Pinehurst, finishing two shots ahead of the Seminole, adding the U.S. Open low amateur accomplishment to his low amateur honors from the Masters back in April. Shipley became the first golfer to achieve the feat since Viktor Hovland in 2019, and sixth golfer overall to be the low amateur at both the Masters and U.S. Open. Among those double low amateurs is fellow Buckeye Jack Nicklaus.

On Thursday, Shipley will tee off in his first big boy PGA Tour event as a professional. The Rocket Mortgage Classic in Detroit. While this will be Shipley’s first PGA Tour start as a pro, it won’t be his first event as a professional. Last week Shipley played in the Beachlands Victoria Open in British Columbia, which was the first tournament of the 10-event North American Swing of the inaugural season of the PGA Tour Americas. 10 players from the PGA Tour Americas will earn Korn Ferry membership for the 2025 season.

After opening up last week’s tournament with a 66 on the par-70 course, Shipley would go on to shoot three more rounds in the 60s to finish in a tie ninth place at -15, six shots behind winner Frederik Kjettrup. Shipley’s best round of the tournament came on Saturday when he shot a 64 in the third round.

In his first tournament as a professional, Shipley certainly impressed and showed he has the tools to be a contender for the Fortinet Cup. Because Shipley will be playing in Detroit at the Rocket Mortgage Classic this week, the next time he could compete in the PGA Tour Americas is in the Explore NB Open in Fredericton, New Brunswick which will be played July 11-14.

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Thanks Script. That was the kind of info was looking for. Don't listen to news, and don't take any newspapers, so this is my major source of information. Glad to hear he cashed, and surprised it was so high up. But anyway, good for Neal. Will be watching to see how well he performs on a consistent basis. Still lots for the guy to learn on his journey.
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He is doing well this week - currently tied for 6th. He also got an invitation to play next week in the John Deere tournament. I think it is likely he may get into the next two tournaments since the top players will be in Scotland for the Genesis Scottish Open and the British Open.

He finished today at -9 tied for 10th (67 - 68 = 135) only 4 shots out of the lead, the cut line was -4.
Longer term, he'll have to work on fitness. I wonder how much more Nicklaus would have achieved if he had followed the same regime as Tiger.
If he wants to be elite long-term, absolutely agreed. That was a great performance and he has a lot of skill, but he does need to work on the physical part because it matters. Glad he had a good showing though and won some money. Very interested to see where his career goes from here.
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Somebody sat Jack down and had the 'talk' with him. Wouldn't be surprised if wasn't his coach at Scioto. He did slim down, grow out his hair to a fashionable length, and started playing better. Remember he started controlling his drives, and hitting more fairways. (at least that's what my Dad and his golfing cronies said). Neal will work on his short game, learn to calculate the + and - of shooting for the pins each time, etc. Am betting he'll be a grinder for a bit, hopefully cashing enough checks to his the minimum required to keep your card (still at or above 125?). Haven't had an tOSU player to root for in awhile, so Neal's it. Go Bucks!
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