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JUCO DT Jamar King (Alabama Signee)

MD Buckeye

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Mendocino C.C. (Ukiah, CA)
Ht: 6'5"
Wt: 285 lbs
Class: 2016 (JUCO)

Scout Alabama, Ohio State and other courting unranked JUCO DL Jamar King

Originally from Denby HS (Detroit) and says Ohio State was a favorite growing up. Has an official setup to OSU on January 30th. Was also offered by Alabama a few days ago.
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If so can I ask what has he been doing since 2008?

Sounds like not much, football-wise:

When asked why they chose to enroll at Mendocino College, each student athlete had varied answers, but a common theme.

King, having been out of school the longest, took the advice of a friend to enroll in college so he could “make a better life” for himself and also have the opportunity to play football again (and, as it has turned out, basketball, too). His friend had attended and played football at Mendocino College in the mid ‘90s. One of his teammates with Eagles is current assistant coach Tyrell Espy. Community colleges where King lived didn’t offer sports. So he thought Mendocino College “would be a good fit for me.”

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