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  • Words can't describe how happy I was after the win. I didn't think for a second that the buckeyes would go 12-0. And to beat tsun to cap off the season? Not much is better than that.
    I think they get to 4...5 if it's the right 5.

    I think they swing and miss on the OL. I hope I'm wrong but I don't think I am. I think they get at least one more WR...two if it's the right two (i.e. Quick and Gibson but not Quick/Gibson and Allen). I think they are in it until the end for Mitchell...Oklahoma is the big threat. And I think they still want Worley. The question is would they take Bell too? I'm not certain. I didn't really think they'd still take Worley but someone I trust assures me he still has a committable offer. Munger is the big question mark to me. Does he get in if they miss on both OL? And Lewis is a done deal...he is all Buckeye.
    Sweet. My first was at the shoe was Miami last year. We also traveled to the Iowa game. Stay in touch if there is any 'watch' parties in the future, etc. Go Bucks!
    We are a small group, that's for sure. I'm the only buckeye fan I know and I'm always catching crap from my co-workers who hate tOSU. Well it's nice to meet another buckeye fan from MO. There's a couple of us on the forum. I went to the Wisconsin game this year. It was my first game at the shoe and I had a blast.
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