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Yo! First real post. =)


Will Bryant
Staff member
Early going chatter...

Just added you to my buddy list. I haven't used this software in a couple years and this is the new version, so there's a bunch of stuff I'm not even familiar with that looks cool as hell.

For anyone else trying to register and the link is broken, I'm in the process of updating the domain name server.

So if something like this is broken;


then replace 'www.buckeyeplanet.com' with '' and it should work. My example above would look like this;

This should only be an issue for a day or so, while the new IP info for the domain propagates across the net.
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Are normal people actually going to be able to co-exist on the same site for any amount of time. We can't just sit around agreeing with each other, therefore, I have taken it upon myself to contact Tibor, SusanZ, Brett, Buckaholic, donnyjr, tribucks, and sportsguru and personally invite them over.

I Welcome Myself to this site!!!!
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{strike}word{/strike}, ex. [strike]word[/strike].

Also added {sub}word{/sub} and {sup}word{/sup}, ex. H[sub]2[/sub]O, and X[sup]3[/sup].

(replace '{}' with '[]').

I don't know how much use we'll have for sub- and superscript, but you never know. Perhaps it's a good way to talk about the [sub]scUM[/sub] of the Earth.
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