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So this is where all of you guys are now!

Dang NYB throws up one post to say hello and he gets three rep jewels....

Methinks we have some "rep whores" around here giving up the candy:biggrin:

he's a great guy and all, but damn at least make him buy you some dinner
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Welcome NYB - just the man we needed.

We have a betting system over here and all the OSU losses have us on the verge of a vRecession. We need your advice to pull us out of this spiral.
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Folanator said:
I got one thing to say. The Red Soxs 4-0 over the Spankies.

I really hope that you're not a Bosox fan and getting your hopes up.......And you're talking smack even LMAO.

Don't get me wrong- I hope they win, but dude its just not meant to be. It's just going to hurt more this way :2004:

Welcome NY
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