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  • If you do dislike the music for a show, please, please, please write the directors! We've been trying to get them to play more enjoyable music for years now! We know Joe Football isn't going to give a rats ass about a broadway or a jazz show! Only fan feedback will help!
    Get snus at GetSnus.com

    They have mint flavored. I would get a sample pack and try a few. It is not as full a flavor as US loose, you top lip it. Less saliva. No spit.
    I loved Cope, but it really was quite easy to quit using this stuff. I use the Nick and Jonny Strong and the general brands. The black is moister, the white is dry. Do a google and you can get more info off some discussion formums.
    I have been off cope for 3 months and my gums have fully recovered.
    Hey, what's up with that Swedish Snush stuff? I chew Skoal and want to quit and haven't been successful trying. Where do you buy it and what does it taste like? Thanks
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