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SEC (It just means more.. even its losses are wins)

Discussion in 'College Football' started by BigWoof31, Mar 3, 2016.

  1. OregonBuckeye

    OregonBuckeye Semper Fi Buckeyes

  2. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    Lol, yeah. I'm not sure how being #15 vs #9 is that big of a difference.

    One thing we know, or will soon be told, the University of Florida is the swampy Yale. It's the Harvard of North-Central Florida
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  3. lvbuckeye

    lvbuckeye Silver Surfer

    Ohio State has 36 varsity sports programs.
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  4. calibuck

    calibuck Too soon old, too late smart

    Lvbuckeye, do you (or anyone) know how many club sports tOSU has, and are supported by the athletic budget only? Know it's a bunch, just not a number. PS, thanks for the varsity sports numb.
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  5. Nutriaitch

    Nutriaitch Retired Super Hero

    an 8,000 student difference is pretty significant when you’re talking about 12,000 vs 20,000
  6. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

  7. BigWoof31

    BigWoof31 Senior

    Tennessee getting pressure to step it up.

    Missouri appears to be following the University of Florida model of scheduling:

  8. Gatorubet

    Gatorubet Loathing All Things Georgia

    Both of our alma maters are among the finest land grant universities in the nation - both with impressive academic and athletic credentials and consistently favorable national reputations. Both provide a full, rich college experience to their students, and both offer the opportunity to join a large, enthusiastic alumni base who can provide guidance and support to new graduates. I'm quite proud to be a Florida alumnus.
  9. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

  10. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

  11. Jaxbuck

    Jaxbuck I hate tsun ‘18 Fantasy Baseball Champ

    WTF is "virtual film review"?

    Just because a coach is watching someone play foosball through a science machine, doesn't make it virtual.

    Unless of course they are wearing VR headsets and pretending to watch film.

    It's probably code for "cheat your fucking ass off".
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  12. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

  13. OHSportsFan

    OHSportsFan Fan of Ohio Sports in Indy

  14. LovelandBuckeye

    LovelandBuckeye You never lose to those pricks. Ever. Ever. - UFM

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  15. ScriptOhio

    ScriptOhio Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

    1. Kick Six, Alabama vs. Auburn 2013

    This is a no-brainer for the No. 1 spot. It's the most iconic play in the history of one of college football's best rivalries, and given the stakes of that game — the winner would take the SEC West crown and likely go on to play for the national championship — likely the most iconic and important play in the history of college football.

    "Auburn's gonna win the football game!" will also forever be one of the greatest calls of all-time — in any sport.

    Yeah, that's my #1 one too.
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