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SEC (It just means more.. even its losses are wins)


"Barkin' up the wrong tree"
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"Barkin' up the wrong tree"
Just what Tiger stadium needs at night. Even more alcohol.

You're not seeing the big picture. Eventually this will dissolve into another B1G/SEC pissing match were we compare and contrast:

1). Which conference has the fans with the best taste in alcohol?
2). What's the best cocktail in college football?

Just imagine - "you're partying in the Michelob Ultra Touchdown Zone right outside Ohio Stadium and there he is! Jim Tressel! And this time, instead of punting, he wants you to go for it! Enjoy another ice cold Michelob Ultra - Go Buckeyes!"

The meme's write themselves!
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Buckeyes are best
Might as well get this one started off with a bang. Alcohol sales, soon to be coming to the SEC Stadiums. Who better to start off the debauchery than the University of Florida?


Sure it's just for the big wigs, but it won't stay that way for long. Selling to the great unwashed masses is where the real revenue is generated.

Ohio Stadium also started selling beer & wine in the club level and suites for the 2015 season...
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It’s a similar subject that, from what I understand, came to light through Kirby Smart at UGA,” Krause told the newspaper. “It had to do with football teams or athletic departments that are recruiting people in state of Georgia. They had a (shorter) window where the documents were not yet public, but other states had 90 days.”

State Rep. Earl Ehrhart, R-Powder Springs, said on the House floor that the motivation to pass the legislation was to “play on the same field as Alabama and everybody else.” Alabama does not have a specific number of days to when open records requests must receive a response.
In a post-practice media session Tuesday, Smart said he’s being given too much credit.

“First of all, I shouldn’t get any credit for that,” Smart told reporters. “When I went over to the capital, I was asked what’s the difference in our program and some programs I’ve been at in the past. One of the things I brought up, there’s a difference. And that was the extent of my conversation with those guys about that.

“So for me to get the credit for that is a little bit misleading.”
The Telegraph reported that when the bill passed, Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle said, “I hope it brings us a national championship. That’s what I hope.”
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Reducing the sunshine law as it pertains to the university from 4 days to respond to 90. For the sake of football. Now you know your in the south. The masses are behind it, because they don't give a shit about corruption or what the university does with their taxes, all they care about is winin' football games. One report said they 'don't know how this would help win football games'. Reporters find a lot of dirty information through the sunshine law requests. When you can sweep that under the rug for 12 weeks in a 13 week season that's really got to help keep players on the field. Cheers for the exact opposite of a Richt run football program. Hopefully by the time the university responds the season will be over, the players will be in the draft and no one will care anymore.
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