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Reputation has temporarily been disabled.

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What to do with reputation?

  • Keep it as is.

    Votes: 14 17.5%
  • Modify and restore it.

    Votes: 56 70.0%
  • Lose it entirely.

    Votes: 10 12.5%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Watching. Always watching.
Staff member
Clarity, thanks much for all of your efforts to make this place rock! I would recommend that we keep reputation but that two improvements be considered.

1. Automatically sign every reputation, whether good or bad. "Steve19 has awarded you 2 emeralds..."

2. Limit the maximum number of awards per time to some maximum, say three.
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I think the rep system should be modified... but much different than it is now...

1) Rep +/- should be auto-signed.

2) All +/- rep should be open for everyone to see. That way when someone goes from 500+ to 1600- people can look and see why, instead of giving that person rep because you don't know why they are now so low.

3) Obviously, everyone agrees that the max is much to low... after raising the level, either you can make each chicklet image worth more points, or you can add a seperate image to represent a larger # of points.

4) Some forums should have reputation disabled. Open Discussion being one. No reason to have reputation in an "Open" Forum.

5) Also.. moderators should have the ability to read and delete wrongfully added dings. Obviously you shouldn't delete dings if someone bitches about them.. but at least have the ability to do so.
EDIT: But moderators shouldn't be able to delete rep from their own avatar.

6) All posts that were given +/- rep points should have a little symbol next to them, that let people know that that post has ALREADY been given +/- rep points..

7) Limit the # of +/- rep points in a day... not just ratio it.. but actually place a hard limit. Many times I have received positive rep just so someone can ding someone else.

8) I do also like the idea given earlier about the certain areas that you can ding people for.. however, I would not support that idea for positive rep.. you should be able to tell someone exactly why you gave them positive rep, since most + rep posts won't be classless.

9) Limit the # of rep points that are given.. such as the MAX rep points you can receive with 1 + rep posting being 150 points.. that way we get rid of the Newbies with 1 post having more rep than 95% of the board.

10) Last, but certainly not least, disable newbies from given +/- rep points till they have been a member for a certain amount of DAYS.. making it a post count would cause them to just post a crapload to do their deed anyway.
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Capo Regime
Staff member
My opinion is simple...

--- Keep Rep with modifications...auto sign and Admin/Mod warnings for any comment that crosses the line....if someone doesn't get the point, they can go on a temporary or permanent hiatus. However, if all rep is signed....the number of negative reps will go down.

--- If you hate rep or get frustrated with it, disable it. Don't whine about it in posts or to Clarity. If someone really irritates you...put them on ignore.

It is pathetic that this whole discussion is necessary....
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Tanned Fat Looks Better
6) All posts that were given +/- rep points should have a little symbol next to them, that let people know that that post has ALREADY been given +/- rep points..

Are you saying that if you had an excellent post that you shouldn't be able to receive rep by more than one person? I think that is what's great about the current system. Everyone has the ability to tell you "good job" or "Fuck off"
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
Staff member
Tech Admin
To Steve19 and LloydSev, there already limits on the amounts of rep you can give:

- You cannot give more than 10 reps total, good or bad, in a 24-hour period.

- You also cannot give more than two reps, good or bad, to the same individual in a 24-hour period.
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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
tibor75 said:
The worst is when you get dinged without a comment. At least try to come up with some creative comment. Of course, you can be like Bucknutty and make a lame goat reference. :roll1:

What's the matter, are your camel and sheep jealous the goat gets all the attention??

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Staff member
Former Premier League Champ
I like the rep feature, but I also think it would be good to auto-sign it. Also, making it so that it is harder to get to the max number of rubies and such would help separate people more too. We've had people get to 7 or 8 after one post, which seems a bit excessive in terms of percentage.
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hipster doofus
Another idea is to disable rep in the politics forum, or at least assign it a separate rep from the rest of the site. I think that's where we have the problems with rep being attached to simple agreement/disagreement.

Also, I'm confused about the whole lame goat reference thing. Was it just the reference that was lame, or is Tibor banging a three-legged goat?
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Honey, Frank the Tank is not coming back
i like the idea of rep because it gives you an idea of whose posts to pay more attention too and whose to fly by but I think the auto sign would be a good idea even though most sign it manually...
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but I think the auto sign would be a good idea even though most sign it manually...

That's the problem.. about 75% of my negative dings are never signed.. let alone have anything written in them.. that pisses me off so much, because instead of debating what I said, they just take the pussy way out.. or they make a point refuting what you said in the ding and don't sign it..
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