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  • Yeah the SSD's are way too high in my book. I mean the speed is great, but not worth the difference in price, especially compared to size and whatnot. The top SATA drives do 3 gig/sec, which is plenty fast enough for me :)
    Any advice about SSDs? I have a 2 year old computer which needs a better base hard drive. I have a $30 copy of Windows 7 that I am ready to install, but I'd like to add a SSD hard drive to really speed things up.

    Do you have any thoughts on buying now or waiting a bit for prices to drop and new technology to emerge? It seems like they are clearing out a lot of their SSD inventory at newegg, amazon etc.
    I've got a finished website, but the transition to the new webhost killed the database driven sign-up tables (potluck dinners). Timewarner doesn't support cdont

    I studied CompSci for a little bit in school, but it's been awhile, and I remember very little about my php & mysql endevours.

    What is the simplest way to build a basic signup table? Basically a virtual rendition of a signup sheet:
    Description | Name
    Entree _________
    Entree ________
    Entree ________
    Napkins ________
    Dessert ________

    And something that the leader of the group can zero out for the next monthly dinner?

    Is there a simple template to work from for something like this? I've googled till the cows come home and haven't found anything, but that may be my illiteracy clouding my search.
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