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QB Joe Bauserman (official thread)

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Lewis is also 3-4 years older and was a third round pick, who would've been a first rounder before his injury. Not sure how you can compare him to Bauserman.

You don't. If a guy is 23-24 years old and still in A ball he damn well better be dominating because most kids at that level are 19-21.

I say he will have a decision to make after 2007 because based on this years numebrs he is going to have to repeat A+ ball. Thats not neccessarily the kiss of death but next year he'll be 21 and if hasn't dominated A+ at that age its time to re-evaluate.

If MLB is the kids dream I honestly hope he has a great 2nd half, it all starts to come together for him and he makes it. If he were my kid we'd have the discussion at the end of '06 so he would at least be aware that '07 was a watershed year one way or the other.
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You don't. If a guy is 23-24 years old and still in A ball he damn well better be dominating because most kids at that level are 19-21.

Scott Lewis is only 22 and has missed almost 2 complete baseball seasons prior to this baseball season. Also, most of the players in A were born about the same time and not all of them have a 1.30 ERA. Overall I was trying to say is that if you are going to be a major-league pitcher, you better be pretty dominating after two years of minor-league baseball which JB has not.
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If he is in high A ball he is ahead of the curve then. Most Reds players at dayton which is low A are around 20-21. Homer Baily who is 20 started in high A this year before being promoted to AA. Hopefully Joe will finish strong and then do high A again and dominate. Move to AA at 22 and be on track for the majors at 24. This is the normal carear mode for most pitchers. Rarely do you see a 20 AA pitchers. Those are your superstars. The reason is their arms are not ready for the amount of innings and they don't have the necessary control yet. Baily is a phenom though and is dominating.
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FWIW, apparently (if he wasn't traded) Joe finished the season on the disabled list. His last game for the Crawdads was on July 29 and he didn't play for the Pirates AA team (Altoona Curve) or AAA team (Indianapolis Indians).

Joseph Bauserman 32 | SP
Status: Disabled 7-Day

Hickory Crawdads
MLB Parent Club: Pittsburgh

Full Name: Joseph N. Bauserman
Born: 10/04/1985
Birthplace: Leesburg, VA
Height: 6' 2"
Weight: 220
Bats: R
Throws: R

Wins: 6
Losses: 8
ERA: 4.04
Games: 21
Games Started: 21
Complete Games: 0
Shutouts: 0
Saves: 0
IP: 110.0
Hits: 117
Runs: 66
Earned Runs: 49
HRs: 11
BB: 38

His complete season stats with the Crawdads are listed at:
http://www.minorleaguebaseball.com/...h Bauserman&pos=P&sid=t448&t=p_pbp&pid=456705
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scooter1369;725028; said:
That would be sweet. Competition for the starting job would be very serious indeed.

This young man hasn't played any organized football since the fall of 2003 so calling him a serious threat for the starting job should he enroll is going a little too far. Best of luck to him with whatever he ends up doing.

Go Buckeyes!!!
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