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hipster doofus
osugrad21 said:
Ok Im getting this passing down now. You have to take control of the receiver on pretty much every ball...I still can't hit anything over the middle unless its a hot route on the blitz. Timing is very important as stated above
I hit most of my passes over the middle and I've always done well on timing plays, it's the plays on the outer 2/3 of the field that are giving me headaches.
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Sweet Crude
This is really ticking me off. Last year the passing was skewed in the offenses favor. This year they went so far in the other direction that it's no fun. I seriously dislike the gameplay all around thus far. I could beat heisman level teams in 2004, but now I struggle against the all-american? It's not fun...it's frustrating...the only passes I can complete with ANY consistency are stupid drag routes for 3 yards. Any time I catch anything else it is because of pure luck and the guy didn't even look open...they never look open! Not to mention the friggin db's all jump like they are playing on the moon.

I hate this game.
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Semper Fi!
First off, I don't use OSU. I use ARMY! 0-13 last year. terrible team this year. mostly 60's (they even have a guy ranked like 40!!?!).

Anyway I play on all american. I think it is about time they clamp down on the ridiculous passing for 500 yards a game vs. the top defensive teams. I find it refreshing to actually have to work at the damn game. Running this year is the bomb. The lanes actually open up - you can see holes - awesome. Simply awesome.

Caveat - I have only played 2 games. One an exhibition between Pitt and PSU. It was freaking loud. The other was Army vs I-AA Midwest team. My first game of my dynasty and a team I added to the schedule just to get some time against a bad team starting out. I won 55-0 or something like that. They were a bad, bad team. So I am, but as bad as my team is - the I-AA teams are worse. I had one pick for INT on the first play!! Woo hoo! that was kinda cool. Turned a 6 yard hitch route into an 88 yard TD. Their guys are slow obviously (I-AA). My kicking sucks the big hairy one..not sure if it is my kicker or just me, but damn I hooked the shit out of some extra points. oh well. I thought the game kicked ass and only as of now have 2 complaints, and even these are minor I guess:

1. The volume of the announcers is WAY WAY too low. I couldn't even hear during the PSU vs PITT rivalry game. Almost forgot they were even there. During the Army game with a nearly empty stadium, it was still too loud to hear the announcers. I have messed with the settings and nothing seems to fix this unless I drop stadium and/or crowd to zero and have announcer and master volume at max. stinks.

2. when I go into the play selection screen after the play is over, it "jumps". IOW - the bottom of the screen shakes like there is a bad connection or something - more of an annoyance than anything else. I can live with that.

This game is the best ever. I can't seriously complain about it at all. I am not sure how you guys can either. Nothing compares. It is so freakin fluid and smooth it is sick - great tackling and what not. I love this game. I still say if you don't like it - take it back. Pretty simple. But what is not to love? Recruiting awesome from what I have heard. Discipline - awesome. My best LT got busted for not taking his test or something.... very cool add on this year.

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Sweet Crude
I agree that last years games major flaw was the big advantage of the offenses in the passing game. I though that the advantage needed to be remedied but not flipped. Basically, the DB's have such high AI in this game, that it becomes unrealistic to the other extreme. Truthfully, I think the game should be SLIGHTLY skewed towards the offense because of the fact that most people don't play regulation quarters. The only way stats can be comparable to that of a whole regulation game is to give the offense a small advantage.

I agree that putting up 500 yards a game is really extreme, and I can live with the rushing changes that makes me work for my yards...But the passing is just no fun because of the fact that it's so hard to find an open receiver. Most of my completions are, like I said, pure luck. I wanted a little more of a passing challenge this year (smaller windows, tighter coverage, elimination of "money" plays), but EA made the DB's rocketmen!

I'm afraid this is going to eliminate a lot of the "casual" gamers...us diehards are going to stick through it and learn ways to use it...but it wasn't a good marketing decision, IMO.
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It's time to bring it!
OB- I feel as though I get pretty realistic stats (offensively) over a game with 6 minute quarters. My starting HB usually averages between 80 - 150+ rushing yards and I'm close to/over 200 yards passing. The only passing team I've used so far is Louisville, and I had a decent outing aginst Kentucky but had a tough time with Miami.

I even had a DT with 8+ tackles in a game, which was unheard of in 2004.

I feel as though I need to practice more to get better at passing. I think I got into a rut with the older versions, and mostly through crosses and outs. Now I'm working on expanding my repetoire to including more fades and deeper passes. I don't complete many deep passes, but I think it helps to keep the computer's defense honest. I have a harder time when I don't vary my play selection, and I think that's part of the point that the game makes.
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Z --> Z^2 + c
Staff member
Passing is much more difficult. I haven't used EAsy play or whatever, but I think that would help for those who don't take control of their reciever after throwing (people like me). They got rid of my favorite short pass out of the five wide set... was the one where Jenkins would run a 5 yard curl and the slot (Childress, if memory serves) would run a fade, Hall a crossing pattern, Holmes a fly and Gamble an out. Open (to Jenkins) every single time.

As for the running game, I was using Ross all the time, but decided to give Erik Haw the ball.. First carry 68 yard TD. Ended up with 215 in less than a half's worth of work. tried Pittman.. fumbled 2 times in as many carries.

Ginn took his first punt return for 6. Someone (on BN) said Ginn's overall was ... what.. 78? On mine his over all is much higher.... I think maybe even 90?

Who is number WR #8? Guess I could look at the roster/depth link...
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Semper Fi!
Yep, they change dramatically for KOR and PR.

Although, if you check the stats during the game - you will see on occassion , +2 or +6 or -4 or whatever next to guys names. I guess indicating their improved play for that game (or lack of it)
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Never Forget 31-0
I simply love this game so far, the gameplay is harder but you have to get used to the new passing shceme, it will take some time, but timing and touch on the ball are the two most important things, just like in reality.

Started a dynasty, playing with OSU, before the first game with cincy, I had to discipline Lydell Ross for missing a mandatory conditioning session, I sat him for the game, he is supposed to be a co captain!

The game is the bomb.

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Calmer than you are.
I've had to make three major changes, in order to help out my offense. Troy Smith and Mo Hall are now my starters. Both for their speed. Hollins is my slot receiver now, intead of Bam. Hollins catches fades like he did back in H.S.(yes I know it's not the real Hollins). Sir fumbles alot Childress, still can't hang on to the damn ball. I went from barely being able to move the ball against UC, to blowing out N.C. State by making these changes.
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keeping tan
I've been in "practice" mode some against Oklahoma. That has helped me tremendously. It's faster than actual game speed and if you put it on random plays you can get good at running the option which is pretty effective with Zwick and I'm sure f'ng awesome with Smith.
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