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  • We have one spot left in the other dynasty. Are you interested in taking it?

    Didn't mind the inquiry at all, but Iron is right :lol: that I tend to chew out folks who ask for updates in recruit/player threads when the policy is that everything will be posted as soon as it can be.

    Fs Morgan is another solid safety I'm dropping due to numbers. He's from sc, and I think he likes you.

    There are always plenty of ol and safeties that fly under the (offer) radar.
    sort by the left column in all prospects so it shows all of the green guys. then push in the right stick, go to the schools that offered, and find all the kids that like you with little to no interest from other schools. That's how I land 20-50% of my kids.
    there are a number of quality prospects you should recruit. the 3* OT from OH is a 76 overall. There's a DB from texas with 4.4 speed that I'm dropping this week (I'm about otu of schollies) that likes you... I remember a number of others listing you as one of his favorites with few to no offers.
    no, halfricaan is not on BP. His cell is 240-535-4192.

    I started the game, but the wife couldn't find anything on TV, so I quit on my opening drive and we used the netflix library for entertainment.

    The real bummer about replaying this game is I got three huge plays by two DBs I'll try to highlight. My impact player at CB with his pick six, and my true frosh FS with two picks. I'll let you know the final results, either here or in the movie dynasty thread.
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