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Official "Thank You" thread...


High Seas Rogue
I didn't want to clutter the Recruiting Board so I put this here.....

I would like to extend my thanks to Clarity and all the BP Mods, "Insiders", "News Hounds", and other contributors, etc. (you know who you are) for making this recruiting season great. The work you guys do goes mostly thankless and I hope this thread will change that.

Thank You. You make this site the best Buckeye site on the net!!

BuckeyePlanet administrators, moderators, contributers, posters, etc. provide great coverage and put in a lot of work, there is no question about that. Above and beyond all of that is the family atmosphere on this board and a culture of respect towards potential recruits, players and all of their families.

This board is head and shoulders above the rest because of CLASS. Thank you to all of the more experienced posters for passing that on to me and for continuing to show that example to new members.

Y'all do some truly fantastic work, and it OBVIOUSLY isn't for money...it's for the pure love of the game and of the Buckeyes.

Thank You!
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