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  • Wingate, I don't believe I ever accused anyone of "cheating." Cheating to me is doing something intentionally to affect the outcome of something. BB73 made a mistake, and to be honest, I'm not a Big East fan by any stretch, and by not looking at the lines in the paper, I too may have picked Pitt. I know they stink!

    Anyway, respect your posts always. You're a great contributor to this site.

    Peace, and as always:

    Welcome Win Jr. :biggrin: Mocha is a little more calm. Still dangerous to little kids and old people. :lol: She can hang inside now and not eat anything she should not, so that is great. Loves the cold. We walk at midnight when it is in the 30s (OK now its 60s) and she is like a puppy again.
    Now that is a broad question :biggrin: Yeah. But if any of them can be accessed during mardi gras is another story all together.

    And unless he is both coming and leaving on Fat Tuesday, he is "coming to Carnival". I would hate for him to make a feaux pax of that magnitude. :p I assume he will be here the whole weekend leading up to the Shrove Monday celebrations ("Lundi Gras") and Mardi Gras itself.

    Despite what people think, Mardi Gras is a family thing in this city, and the nudity and drunkedness are not at all what it is about for the locals. His buddies need to be aware that despite the press, cops have no love for either. What you can get away with on Bourbon is not what they will allow on St. Charles.

    I don't think your boy is a jerk, that is just my pull-the-string message whenever it comes up. :biggrin:
    Got your message. We have a room at the Queen and Crescent on Camp Street Tuesday night. We'll give you a buzz on Tuesday morning on where to meet. Looking forward to it. Go Bucks.
    We added another one (Tressel) and have to go through the whole "potty training" and jumping up on people again. Not that brutus and Buckeye ever got the jump on folks syndrome out of their blood totally but they are better than a year ago....
    Well - the dna test says she is not a lab. Shepherd, chow, Weimaraner and boxer. :lol: She is fine. Stubborn, willful, but sweet. I have to do obedience again. :biggrin:
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