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Kevin Durant (Phoenix Suns)

A girl that knows sports?! :pimp:

Sending pics now

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How much would a sweep cost the Warriors? Try $22M

In fact, a Game 5 in Oakland alone comes close to paying Steph Curry's salary for the entire 2016-17 season: $12.1 million. All told, sweeping the series in Cleveland and not returning twice to the Bay Area, as the Warriors did last year for Games 5 and 7, would cost the Warriors' ownership group more than $22 million.

Entire article: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/...warriors-sweep-bottom-line-not-look-wonderful
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Report: Warriors' Kevin Durant makes huge sacrifice, agrees to two-year, $53M deal

The 2017 NBA Finals MVP will sacrifice millions to keep his squad intact

As Sam Amick of USA Today points out, the max for Durant this year was over $34M, so the 2017 NBA Finals MVP is making a major sacrifice, taking nearly $10 million less than he could have gotten.

Interestingly, Amick also notes that if Iguodala left, Durant was prepared to take an even more significant pay cut in order for the Warriors to bring in Rudy Gay.

Entire article: http://www.cbssports.com/nba/news/r...s-huge-sacrifice-agrees-to-two-year-53m-deal/
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Spin doctors acting like KD was in on the joke the whole time and was playing his part. I call bullshit. He's had a chip on his shoulder about going to a stacked team for a while now. And this makes no sense to me given how he played. With all the studs on both teams he was clearly the most dominant player on the floor. So why be bothered? Let the haters hate. He needs to join BP and learn from Buckeye fans on how to handle greatness.
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Kevin Durant: Ref was 'searching for me' before 2nd-half ejection


"And he tried to make a bunch of excuses, and I told him he was wrong, and he went into halftime probably with an attitude. So the second half, his whole thing is like he's trying to get me."


Once Durant made it past half court, he screamed, "Why the f--- that's not a foul?" at official Brett Nansel and began to stare him down while on defense.


"Look at my first tech," Durant said. "I got the rebound and I dribbled the ball hard, and he teched me up. He was searching for me. He was looking to try to tech me up to get me back because he's still in his feelings from the first half. That's what's been going on around the league the whole year. A bunch of that. I got to keep my head a little bit, but I was upset. I'm a human being too. I get upset."



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Kevin Durant, tech investor, has a new startup target: Students with dreams like the ones he had

Golden State Warriors star Kevin Durant is giving $10 million to help students in his old Prince George’s County neighborhood. He wants to give disadvantaged kids the sort of social and practical support that those from middle-class homes with college-educated parents might have.

Cont'd ...
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