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Halo 2 comes out this Tuesday, and I can't freakin wait!

The graphics look amazing, and the gameplay was amazing on the first installment, so I expect an even better experience this time around.

This game is going to kick so much ass, I'll spend countless hours playing this for sure.

I've been reading a few sites about that game, it only gets me pumped up more.

So far, the ratings have been great. Gamepro gave it a 9.7.
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I'm sold on San Andreas for that title, but I am really looking forward to Halo 2. Should have it Monday (if EB handles online preorders the same way they did with GTA:SA) or Tuesday myself. Just in time, I'm approaching 100% in SA.
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Def. won't disappoint jlb, I've been looking forward to this game for a few years now.



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I told my son constantly... it's a shame no one figured out how to put MicroEcon or Contracts on PlayStation... cuz then we wouldn't have any fights about grades... He'd have the same 4.0 GPA that he gets on those damn boxes...
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never heard of the pirates game but i loved sid's civilization. played virtually every incarnation of that game to death.

i really can't wait for halo this tuesday and james bond next tuesday. i love the deathmatch shit.
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Indeed, this is a great season for new games. I don't follow the PS2 scene too much, but San Andreas is obviously huge. Xbox gamers will get Halo2, a new Splinter Cell, and a new KOTOR. Combined, all four of these are my favorite game franchises, meaning I will be one broke mofo this winter!

I've been waiting for Halo2 ever since all my friends stopped playing Halo with me because I beat them like rented mules. I need a new challenge!
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