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Game Thread Game Two: #1 Ohio State 24, #2 Texas 7 (9/9/06)

Discussion in '2006 Football Season Capsule' started by 3yardsandacloud, Jan 9, 2006.

  1. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    An incomplete sports pass

    By Seth Owens | Daily Texan Guest Columnist

    <script language="Javascript"> function goPage(newindex) { currentLocation = getThisPage(); cleanedLocation = ''; // If this is an SHTML request. if (currentLocation.indexOf(".shtml") > -1) { // Detect if this is a request that already has a page specification. if (currentLocation.indexOf("-page") > -1) { cleanedLocation = currentLocation.substring(0, currentLocation.indexOf("-page")) + '.shtml'; } else { cleanedLocation = currentLocation; } // Only add the "-pageX" suffix when the page index is higher than 1. if (newindex != 1) { cleanedLocation = cleanedLocation.substring(0, cleanedLocation.indexOf(".shtml")) + '-page' + newindex + '.shtml'; } } else { // Only add the "-pageX" suffix when the page index is higher than 1. if (newindex != 1) { cleanedLocation = currentLocation + '&page=' + newindex; } else { cleanedLocation = currentLocation; } } document.location = cleanedLocation; } function getThisPage() { currentURL = '' + window.document.location; thispageresult = ''; if (currentURL.indexOf("?page=") > -1) { currentURL = currentURL.substring(0, currentURL.indexOf('?page=')); thispageresult = currentURL; } else if (currentURL.indexOf("&page=") > -1) { currentURL = currentURL.substring(0, currentURL.indexOf('&page=')); thispageresult = currentURL; } else { thispageresult = currentURL; } // Make sure the URL generated by this fuctnion is compatible with mirror image. thispageresult = thispageresult.substring(7, thispageresult.length); thispageresult = thispageresult.substring(thispageresult.indexOf('/')+1, thispageresult.length); thispageresult = basehref + thispageresult; if (thispageresult.indexOf('sourcedomain') > -1) { thispageresult = thispageresult.substring(0, thispageresult.indexOf('?')); } return thispageresult; } </script> On Sept. 9, the largest crowd ever to watch a football game in the state of Texas assembled at Darrell K Royal Memorial Stadium to witness a titanic clash between the two top ranked teams in the country.

    The game between Ohio State and Texas marked the first time since 1950 that a No. 1-ranked opponent visited Austin, and was the most highly anticipated game of the season. Yet largely absent in the sea of more than 89,000 fans at the UT vs. Ohio State game were the very students this university is meant to serve.

    In fact, only 2,000 tickets were available to the tens of thousands of students with Longhorn sports passes. Rather than conduct the typical home game draw for student tickets, the University made sports pass holders go through the arduous process of waiting in line for wristbands, followed by more waiting to see which number would be the first wristband called, followed by - you guessed it - more waiting in line to see if by some sort of miracle they would be one of the lucky few to actually get tickets.

    Why on earth would the University make thousands of students go through such an infuriating process for such a limited number of tickets when the stadium could easily hold everyone in the student body who has a sports pass?

    The obvious answer to this question, of course, is money. The athletic department can make millions more in ticket sales if it gives seats to wealthy alums and other sports fans willing to fork over exorbitant sums instead of providing for college students who paid a measly $70 each to purchase a sports pass. The once-in-a-lifetime match-up of No. 1 vs. No. 2 was too good of a money-making opportunity to pass up. The school saw dollar signs and decided to capitalize as much as possible by giving students a fraction of the seating they normally receive at home games.

    But doesn't the athletic department need money? After all, the cost of fielding a football team, maintaining a stadium and paying all of the administrators, coaches and trainers is astronomical. Isn't the University simply trying to recoup all of its expenses?

    Sadly, no. The fact of the matter is that UT football is the most profitable football program in the country. According to the U.S. Department of Education in August 2005, UT reported football revenues of $53.2 million and a profit of $38.7 million, and these statistics were taken a year prior to Texas winning the national championship.

    Clearly, the football program isn't short on cash. In fact, profit was so substantial the past couple of years that the department decided to renovate the stadium by adding a gigantic $8 million Godzillatron, as well as many other improvements.

    Obviously, the athletic department didn't need the massive windfall of profits from the Ohio State game. They simply saw their one-time chance to make even more of a ridiculous profit than usual and seized it, regardless of their action's impact on the common student.

    The University of Texas was founded to educate and serve a widely diverse and vibrant student body. The school has a responsibility to provide for the academic, physical and social well-being of its students. By denying many the ability to attend the most important home football game of the year, the school sacrificed the needs of its students for easy money. It reneged on its mission as an academic institution and instead focused on the most financially profitable route.

    One can only hope that the next time such an important event as Ohio State vs. Texas occurs, the University will resist the temptation of excessive greed and put the students first.
  2. lvbuckeye

    lvbuckeye Silver Surfer

    this is as gay as the 'halo' rule... by the very wording of this rule, if ANY defensive player has an unobstructed shot at the QB, a penalty has been committed... by implication, all the OL has to do is let the D have a free ahot at the QB, and a 15 yard penalty and a 1st down will be awarded... if this rule is to stand, then all QBs might as well be wearing the 'no contact' jersey...
  3. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0


  4. MililaniBuckeye

    MililaniBuckeye The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St Staff Member Tech Admin

    Pretty sad when there are more than double the amount of visiting fans than there are home-team students in the stands.
  5. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Ohioans rib president about Longhorns' loss to Buckeyes

    By the Associated Press

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    WASHINGTON ? President Bush's closed-door meeting with Republican lawmakers Thursday erupted in laughter when several from Ohio ribbed him about Ohio State's 24-7 drubbing of Texas last Saturday.
    Bush was attempting to gain support from House Republicans split over the president's plan to allow harsh interrogations of terrorists. Saturday's football game pitted the nation's top-ranked college teams in Austin, Texas, where Bush served as governor for six years.
    <!--endtext--><!--endclickprintinclude--><!--startclickprintinclude--><!--begintext--> Rep. Deborah Pryce of Upper Arlington, decked out in a gray and scarlet suit and a buckeye necklace, beamed after the meeting about the delegation's treatment of a humbled Bush. She said he called the group "a bunch of sore winners" as they joyously presented him with a scarlet Ohio State flag with a gray block "O" in the middle.
    "It was really funny," she said. "He took it well."
    Rep. Pat Tiberi of Columbus wore an Ohio State cap and several Ohioans wore red-and-gray striped ties. One exception was Majority Leader John Boehner of West Chester, whose tie was blue.
    "I guess he didn't get the memo," said Brian Gaston, a former Boehner staffer from Steubenville, Ohio, who is now chief of staff for Majority Whip Roy Blunt of Missouri.
  6. sandgk

    sandgk Watson, Crick & A Twist

    John Boehner is a Xavier grad ..

    Whose school colors are blue & white, so I guess he can say he was kitted out like the rest, after a fashion.
  7. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member


    Buckeye fan shown 'Horns' true colors

    Managing Editor

    While most Ohio State fans watched Jim Tressel?s squad battle Mack Brown?s legions on TV, one ardent Buckeye backer watched from a Longhorn luxury box clad in a burnt-orange Texas baseball cap.

    He wasn?t a turncoat. He was just being gracious, he says.

    Former Wapakoneta-area resident Roy Thrush watched the game from 50-yard line luxury box seats at Darrell K. Royal-Texas Memorial Stadium with his wife, Connie, and a poss/ of new friends ? an extension of Southern hospitality.

    Thrush has terminal brain cancer. His physician estimates Thrush has 13 months to live ? maybe more, but probably less.

    The trip to Austin resulted from the kindness of his wife?s co-workers at GlaxoSmithKline. The Thrushes, who moved south about 10 years ago, are displaced Buckeye fans living in Birmingham, Ala.

    ?Connie?s colleagues knew my situation and wanted to do something special for us,? Thrush said in telephone interview Thursday from his home. ?They knew I was a life-long Buckeyes fan and they knew this was a big game so they decided to try and get us Buckeyes? tickets.?

    After raising some money, his wife?s colleagues arranged to purchase tickets for the Ohio State-Texas game, which pitted the No. 1 ranked Buckeyes against the then No. 2 ranked Longhorns.

    One of Connie Thrush?s co-workers had a friend, Dak Poss, whose father, Max Poss, is a University of Texas booster and a member of the Longhorn Foundation called the 200 Horn Club, which has a luxury suite at the stadium.

    ?Essentially, Max Poss did some finagling down there and took two reserve seats that they were going to give us and turned them into two seats in the Texas Longhorn suite,? Thrush said. ?So I actually watched the game from the 50-yard line. The suite had a full buffet, a bar set-up and all the amenities ? quite frankly it was the first time I sat in suite for a football game at any level.?

    The Posses and Thrushes met for the first time just outside the stadium, prior to the Posses escorting the Thrushes to the luxury suite.

    The Thrushes had stayed the night of Sept. 8 with Roy Thrush?s long-time friend, Jerry Strickin, who lives in Houston but who also owns a ranch outside of Austin. Last Saturday Strickin took the Thrushes to his ranch for a barbecue early that afternoon and then the game later that afternoon.

    ?My friend did not have tickets for the game himself, but he drove us to the stadium,? Thrush said. ?We had never met Max, who gave us the tickets, but we got him on his cell phone and he told us where he was. He said, ?What kind of a car are you driving?? and I replied, ?a white Lexus,? and he literally jumped in front of the car and said, ?I see you, there you are.? ?

    Prior to the game Max Poss escorted the Thrushes to his tailgate tent, which he set up Thursday evening. At 5 p.m., he walked the Thrushes to the luxury suite for the 8 p.m. (EDT) kickoff.

    ?The hospitality was just unbelievable,? Thrush said. ?Everybody was very congenial. I had a couple of people stop by and talk to me about my situation, with one having a very similar experience.?

    Prior to exiting his car, Strickin gave Thrush a burnt-orange baseball cap with the Longhorns? symbol on the front. The Posses also gave him a Longhorn?s pin to wear on his cap and a T-shirt commemorating the Buckeye-Longhorn game to wear during the game.

    Max Poss told the American Statesman for a story in the local paper that he was proud of his fellow Texans and their treatment of a fan from a rival school.

    ?I think this is exactly what people mean when they say, ?Texas is proud of its fans,?? he told the Austin newspaper.

    The Longhorn cap covered scars from a recent surgery to insert a ball in the back of his head to inject a radioactive material. Thrush said he was told 50 percent of the people who undergo this treatment can expect to live another 13 months. He said the treatment hit about 66 percent of the tumor.

    This week, Thrush, who was diagnosed with cancer in October, is now awaiting word if he will be admitted to the hospital at Duke University for a new-age treatment.

    ?My first reaction when I was told I had cancer was denial and disbelief,? Thrush said. ?My next reaction was this is what it is and let?s move on and get it over with.?

    Thrush initially saw his physician because he was having problems with his peripheral vision. At 9 a.m., he underwent a CAT-scan and was told he suffered a stroke but he didn?t have all the symptoms, so they scheduled an MRI at 4 p.m.

    ?At 9 o?clock that night, I had a neurosurgeon giving me my options,? Thrush said. ?Of course, I told them I liked my first option best and let?s go back to me having a stroke.

    ?Actually the neurosurgeon gave me four options and the last one was do I have a place on my schedule for surgery on Friday morning,? Thrush added. ?I said let?s go for it because I saw no future waiting around for two weeks and seeing what happens next.?

    When he came out of surgery, Thrush believed he had little time left to live, so he decided to take a dream vacation to New Zealand and Australia.

    ?Most people can?t take a month off, but I couldn?t afford not to take a month with my family because I might not get a second chance,? said Thrush, who with his wife have two daughters, Tara and Lindsay Thrush.

    The 56-year-old Thrush also didn?t take a year off from watching his beloved Buckeyes. He continued to attend a game every year and intends to be in the crowd this Nov. 18 when the Buckeyes play the Michigan Wolverines.

    Thrush, the son of the late Thelma and Robert Thrush, remembers listening to the Buckeyes? classic battles with his father during the early 1960s.

    His earliest memories of the Buckeyes are sitting at home on Saturday afternoons listening to radio broadcasts of the games. He first cheered for fullback Bob Ferguson, who played from 1959 to 1961, and supporting head coach Woody Hayes.

    Since he started attending games, the Miami University graduate said the Michigan contests are legendary, but his favorite gridiron tilt was when the Notre Dame Fighting Irish visited The Shoe on Sept. 30, 1995.

    ?It was just an incredible day from morning to night,? Thrush said. ?From starting out with a breakfast party until the end of that game, that day was just incredible.?

    The Buckeyes triumphed that day 45-26.

    While Thrush said that day was euphoric, he said today he feels ?very blessed.?

    ?If I live another 13 months it?s a gift, and if it?s another two months it?s a gift,? Thrush said. ?I know a lot of people about my age who don?t get another nine weeks or even another nine months because they die suddenly from a heart attack.

    ?The hard fact is I was blessed with nine more months, but a lot of people don?t get the chance to, for lack of a better term, put their life together, to do the things they need to do or wanted to do.?

    Thrush also said he is blessed with four caring sisters, Barbara Harrod of Wapakoneta, Donna Faulder of Westminster, Carol Jean Overholser of Lakeview and Evonne Schnippel of Botkins.

    He said he also is blessed with wonderful neighbors and friends.

    ?The support I?ve received from family and friends has been overwhelming,? Thrush said, his voice quivering. ?I just can?t put it into words. The outpouring of food and caring and checking on us is amazing.

    ?Friends have just been very supportive ? and it?s the same with my family,? he added. ?In a person?s recovery and quality of life for himself and his family, it really revolves around attitude. If I give up, then a lot of people will give up; and if I fight a lot of people are going to fight with me. Attitude has a lot to do with what my outcome will be ? the fight is not over and I am enjoying every minute of every day.?
  8. texasfight06

    texasfight06 Newbie

    I have been away for a bit, and haven't had access to the internet, but just wanted to post my congratulations to you guys for the victory on Sept. 9th.

    I was thoroughly impressed with your team. People around me were trying to discredit tOSU immediately after the game, and I was quick to point out, that tOSU won that game in all aspects. Some fans pointed to the turnover being a big swing, but a good team plays up to there potential, a great team plays up to their potential, makes few mistakes, and capitalizes on the opposition's mistakes.

    The Smith-Gonzalez-Ginn show was pretty damned impressive. Despite not having T. Brown, we still had enough talent in the secondary to shut down most teams in the country, but the slashing routes were used perfectly to gain yards and open up the sidelines. I think Michael Griffin was exposed a bit, as last year w/ Huff at SS and Griffin at FS, that scheme and those routes probably don't work as well. And the Ginn TD was a great route and great toss by TS, similar to the Holmes TD last year.

    I had a feeling going into the game that for UT to win, the Defense would have to win the game, and while they played well, they didn't play well enough, especially in the secondary. And the turnovers, and crappy pass play didn't spell them enough to keep the starters fresh.

    Ginn: great player. This year, everytime I saw him open or about to get the ball I got nervous. Last year, I didn't have that feeling.

    Troy Smith: Great passer. The Vince comparisons don't need to be used yet, but then again, Troy may have Vince's late game heroics in him, but might not ever need to use them. I have seen his running ability work for him in the past, and I know that he will be able to use it in the future, IF he needs it, but he is becoming the best passer in the nation from what I can tell.

    Gonzo: great game, perfectly utilized. Scary number two. This is two years in a row where your team has two fast, great receivers.

    tOSU's D: Laurinitas (sp?) had a huge game, seemed to be everywhere, and always on top of the ball. What a game from that youngster. Again I haven't been on the internet much after that game, but I am sure he is getting all of the deserved articles about being the next big LB at tOSU.

    As for the Horns, I was disappointed in the play calling, and also in Colt's decisions on several of his passes. He seemed to relegate himself to dumping off to the RBs too many times, especially after the pick. The OL looked good, and the RBs looked good as well. I still would rather see more JC than Selvin, but both are playing well. The WRs didn't have a lot of chances to make themselves known, but man Billy, that was tough to stomach. Our Defensive line played the best out of the three units, with secondary being the worst IMO, and the LBs playing average. I am hoping that Kelson and Kindle make it on to the field this year to have a better rotating LB corp.

    The atmosphere: Fan, f'n, tastic. What a great day in Austin, it was overcast much of the day, keeping the temps at a bearable level. All the tailgating areas were packed. I met sevearl of your fans, and I didn't see a lot of hostility from our fans. I did see some and did what I could to intervene. Most of what I saw was good natured ribbing before the game, and not much after the game. There were a couple of cars that I saw driving by spewing F bombs at tOSU fans, but I didn't see the verbal assaults to the level of last year. Getting out of the stadium was a cluster F, and there were several UT and tOSU fans walking together discussing the game, and wishing each other luck for the upcoming season. It was good to see your band again, and they did a good job on our field, representing your institution well. I hope all of you had fun that went, and congratulations. I know what it feels like to lose the big game at home, I only wish that the score would have been reversed. As many of you last year, I will be rooting on the Buckeyes to win out the rest of the season, as long as it doesn't affect the Horns BCS standings, etc. I will also be following your team, and may make comments here and there. Thanks for the info and hospitality on this board. Take care.
  9. BB73

    BB73 Loves Buckeye History Staff Member Bookie '16 & '17 Upset Contest Winner

    Thanks, classy post.

    Hook 'em the rest of the way.
  10. Saw31

    Saw31 High Seas Rogue

    It's been a pleasure to have you guys here...I am forever a Texas fan now.

    Interesting about the SY and JC thought in your post...Last year, I was extremely impressed with JC, athletically, but after seeing SY in this years game, I thought he was more impressive than JC. I guess dropping a few pounds really helped him. Either way, just a difference of opinion. You have a great 1-2 punch with those guys. Both look like they're about to go the distance on nearly every play.
  11. spike

    spike Newbie

    hornfanhoopty tailgate

    I hope yall had a good time in Austin, and had a chance to stop by the hornfanhoopty tailgate. While I was not happy with the outcome, the atmosphere was great! Good luck to all the OSU fans, hope to see yall in Tempe!!! Go UT
  12. timBUCK2

    timBUCK2 Tim the Enchanter... WOLVERINE SLAYER!!

    This game is available for download. Just FYI...
  13. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Is Limas Sweed the next TO/Chad Johnson/Keyshawn-guy?

    Every time I see a highlight of him he is doing some serious trashtalking.

    What's the rundown Horns? Great talent so don't get me wrong. Just an observation.
  14. NFBuck

    NFBuck Total Coverage.

    Got this in an e-mail last week...

  15. Bleed S & G

    Bleed S & G Taking Crazy Pills

    My question is, whats up with recievers in the NFL in general? it seems to always be them making negative press all the time

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