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Game Thread Game Two: #1 Ohio State 24, #2 Texas 7 (9/9/06)

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flying low
Seriously, if this thread isn't atleast 7000 posts long by September I'm going to be mad.

Lets start out by making crazy score predictions so if you get it right, you can claim 8 months from now that you were a genius.

Ohio State: 37
Texas: 34
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Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
Vince Young's decision leaves Texas in the lurch. No quarterback on scholarship has thrown a pass in college. The likely starter will be Colt McCoy, a freshman who redshirted in 2005. Jevan Snead, who is ranked among the top five high school quarterback prospects in the country, will enroll at Texas for the spring semester.
-- Austin American-Statesman
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THANK YOU DEPARTING SENIORS! Carpenter, Conroy, Everett, Green, Hamby, Harley,
Hawk, Huston, Kudla, Mangold, Salley, Schlegel, Schnittker, Sims, Tyree, Winner.<!--<fond face="Arial Bold, Arial, Verdana" size=2>Troy Smith vs. Michigan: 728 yards, 4 tds
[FONT=Arial Bold, Arial, Verdana](40/60 (66%), 541y (13.5ypc), 2 td, 0 int; 29 carries, 187y (6.4ypc), 2 td)</b>[/FONT] --> <!-- COUNTDOWN SCRIPT START <fieldset class="fieldset"><legend>countdown </legend><table align=right style="filter:glow(color=black, strength=1)">[FONT=Verdana, Arial]<script language="JavaScript1.2"> //Script courtesy of Sharon Gartenberg's Date Countdown//JavaScript generator under the GNU General Public Licensevar today = new Date;var Future0 = new Date;ThisYear = 2005;var FutureMonth = 8;var FutureDate = 3;var faraevent = "the 2005 Ohio State football season kicks off";Future0.setMonth(FutureMonth, FutureDate);Future0.setFullYear(ThisYear);today1 = Date.parse(today);future1 = Date.parse(Future0);secleft = future1 - today1;miliday = 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000;daysleft = secleft/miliday;daysleftint = Math.round(daysleft);if (daysleftint > 1)document.write("There are only ", daysleftint, " days until ", faraevent , " ");else if (daysleftint == 1)document.write(faraevent, " tomorrow! ");else if (today1 == future1)document.write(faraevent, " today! ");</script>[/FONT]</table></fieldset> COUNTDOWN END -->

This is the reason why whichever freshman QB we have playing may actually do something. Hey, it's something.

Quick rundown on what we'll look like.


QB: You all know the story as well as I do.
RB: Taylor, Charles, Melton, and Young. One of the best stable of backs in the country. Not to mention blue chipper Vondrell McGee, who will probably redshirt.
WR: Everyone except Brian Carter returns to a pretty underrated receiving corps. Sweed, Pittman, and Cosby will be the starting 3. Nate Jones, Tyrell Gatewood, and hopefully Jordan Shipley (if he doesn't tear his ACL while cooking dinner) will provide plenty of depth. Throw in George Walker as well.
OL: Lose Will Allen and Jon Scott. And maybe Justin Blalock, although I think he stays. Replace Jon Scott with Tony Hills, and there ain't much dropoff, if any at all. Not sure who will replace Allen, but whoever it is will have plenty of experience. If Blalock leaves, I'm thinking Adam Ulatoski starts. That guy tore it up during the summer.
TE: Almost as big a dropoff as QB. Tweedie is a good blocker, but he's pretty slow. Peter Ullman will get some playing time as well, though I know very little about him. Jermichael Finley is a tweener WR/TE, but definitely is more of a receiver than blocker. I'm missing somebody here, but I'm too lazy to look it up.


DE: Crowder and Robison are both back, both very solid and both should get drafted. Blue chipper Eddie Jones will get some playing time as a freshman. Orakpo and Aaron Lewis are young but more than capable backups.
DT: Once again, the strength of the defense. Frank Okam and Roy Miller should both get some All Big 12/AA recognition. Lokey, Marshall, and Janszen will back them up. Lokey is a large, scary white boy who looks like he smashes his head through car windshields for fun, kinda like how AJ Hawk looked.
LB: We lose Harris but return everyone else. Our "starters" will probably be that in name only. We'll rotate a whole lot, just like last year. Killebrew and Bobino return, as does Drew Kelson but he might move back to safety, and we add Sergio Kindle. If I was gay and had a thing for linebackers, Sergio's face would be all over my house.
CB: We lose Ced Griffin, but return two very good CB's who should both get drafted in Aaron Ross and Tarrell "Dwayne Jarret broke my arm" Brown.
S: We lose Michael Huff at SS. Shit. But we return a FS who should end up being a Thorpe finalist in Michael Griffin. Not sure who starts at SS if Kelson stays at linebacker, but whoever it is will probably be a dropoff from Huff.

P/K should both be solid. We actually give these guys scholarships now. Now ain't that some shit.

O/U on regular season record as of right now should be 10-2.

Prediction for tOSU/UT game: 25-22 Texas. :biggrin:
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17-3 since 2001
it's all about the buckeye defense...if they can stop the run, then the buckeyes will be too much to handle...if Texas can run and control the clock and the game, they will be well on their way to another great season.
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Hey EngineerHorn,

You went from saying we OSU would have their asses kicked to Texas only winning by 3 pts. Come on bro, make up your mind, which is it :p

I think the NIU game will show who will be victorious. Our defense will get a feel for the game and if our offense comes out like they did against ND, I think OSU will win, but not by a whole lot. Something along the lines of
Ohio State 31
Texas 28
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Be good-everyone dealing w something u don't know
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  • Quick rundown on what we'll look like.

    DT: Once again, the strength of the defense. Frank Okam and Roy Miller should both get some All Big 12/AA recognition. Lokey, Marshall, and Janszen will back them up. Lokey is a large, scary white boy who looks like he smashes his head through car windshields for fun, kinda like how AJ Hawk looked.
    No way... I just asked him... and no way is he playing for Texas next year... He says he's gonna remain a mod on BP.. and by the way, it's Loky :biggrin: and he's staying in Sarasota .. plus he's 30 yrs old
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    Optimism Lover
    Engineer....how many freakin' Griffins do you all plan on having in your defensive backfield? Goodness.

    My way too early prediction...tOSU 38 - Tejas 27

    I'm just hoping next year (with a new kicker and a potentially OUTSTANDING run game) JT decides we want TD's and not FG's. No more settling for 3! Not against a team of Texas' caliber especially.

    Here's to a safe and well-fought game free of injuries on both sides. GO BUCKS!
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