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Enough is Enough.................


Hall of Fame
.In all of my 47 years of being an avid Fanatic of Ohio State Football, i have come to the conclusion that Maurice Clarett is the most dissapointing football player ever to put on the Uniform of an Ohio State football player.

It hurts me to make this statement because he comes from the town that I loved and grew up in. Its a thing called "Pride" which i still have plenty of at my age. Our society and culture is in such a vast change thru out the whole state of Ohio as well as our country that we do not need all of this. Especially at this time. The thing that bothers me the most is why are we having to deal with all of this and when is it ever going to stop
Kippy...we're all with you, for certain. I believe the only thing to seek at this point is a full accounting of anything alledged and allow the truth to talk.

Above all, the truth of the matters.

The TEAM is larger than any one player; the University is larger than any one of its entities.
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A thesis of "what if's" come to mind when the topic of MC comes up. Realistically, we'd be gunning for a "three-peat" in terms of NC's and MC would probably be shooting for his second Heisman Trophy this year. I've tried to stop giving a rats ass about him and what he brought to this football program, but then my 7 year old son puts in a DVD of a game from 2002 and I watch it and it just sickens me to see how truly gifted this kid was.

It was just a completely different kind of game that he played. The strength, the speed, the ability to turn nothing into a huge gain. MC saw the football field as well as any player I ever saw, college or pro.

But now, as kippy stated above, it's just simply all about the disappointment that he created for this University, for his teammates, the coaching staff, the University officials, the fans, and last but not least for himself. I'll never jump on a bandwagon that trashes MC, not after what he gave me in terms of being a TOSU football fan in 2002. That season was just so special and his contributions will always be savored. But, I will forever question what the motivating force was behind what went wrong with him. His inability to keep his mouth shut may be a factor in keeping him from ever having an NFL team want him on their roster. People will come on here and say that teams like the "Raiders" will gladly have a spot for him, I'll beg to differ. If there is such a thing as "blackballing" in the NFL it's gonna hit MC real hard.

As far as I know, there's never been a concern with MC as far as drugs, drinking, gambling, or any of the other vices that bring down guys in a hard way. Can simply being an asshole sway one to piss away their future in such a swift manner? If you say "No," Please re-read the above. Peace.
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cincibuckeyenut said:
I feel bad for the kid. He threw away millions of dollars. I firmly believe that at the end of this year, if he had stayed in school with no problems, he would have been a top 5 pick, if not #1 overall. Now he will be lucky to make round 2.
Worst post I've seen in a week. I don't feel bad for this shitstain, because he's doing it all to himself. It's one thing if he was just getting crapped on, but he's not, he's crapping on himself. Plus, right now he is, at best, a fourth round pick. No way he goes the first day.
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cincibuckeyenut said:
I feel bad for the kid. He threw away millions of dollars. I firmly believe that at the end of this year, if he had stayed in school with no problems, he would have been a top 5 pick, if not #1 overall. Now he will be lucky to make round 2.
That may go as the dumbest post ever.

I feel bad for people who are actually screwed over.

Not some jackass that gets a free education, a chance to show off his talents to the entire world, then turns on those that gave him that chance. Then compounds it by blaming the rest of the world, and trying to make himself a martyr.
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I'll try not to pile onto cincibuckeyenut, but I agree that was pretty stupid. Everybody mentions that he threw away millions, but why not focus on what he really threw away- a great college career, the respect and admiration of thousands of happy Buckeye fans, and mostly, his integrity.

I'll bet if you asked Eddie or Archie what they really liked most about their association with OSU, it wouldn't be the money or NFL fame. I'd bet that they would say that the honor of playing for and representing Ohio State, and the admiration, respect, and support that they recieved from the fans was bigger than a couple of bucks.

Woody Worshipper is right- clarret has a real talent. He had the opportunity to become a great part of the history and tradition of the best university in the country. He very well could have earned himself a handful of championships, and most certainly at least one Heisman (and maybe two).

I don't consider myself a "bandwagon" clarett hater- I just hate him. He deserves that. He got greedy and took himself down, and now he's trying to take us down with him. Screw him.
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Oh hey, I feel bad for him too, in terms of the wasted talent and potential. In terms of being too stupid and/or immature to avoid at least colossal errors in judgement. In terms of burning bridges with the few positive influences in his confused life. In terms of being, what, 20?, and still acting like a 12 year old. In terms of going from someone who could have jogged through a season to have a good shot at the Heisman, to someone who is the butt of many jokes. In terms of being set for life with his first pro contract, but will now be lucky to get 3rd round money on a short and heavily performance, attitude and behavior-based contract with a team who sees him as a risky investment.

So yes, literally, I agree with cincy on this, I regret his situation, and feel bad for what he could have been, but he made this bed. Then pissed in it. Then set it on fire.
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I feel bad for MoC also....almost as bad as I feel for the welfare cases around here that blow their entire check on scratch off lottery tickets and end up eating out of dumpsters for a few weeks.

Then again...if you are a dumbass, you get what you deserve.
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I wont say that I feel sorry for MoC, but my liberal/feminine side makes me want to point out that there are physical/mental/personality conditions that contribute to such behavior.

We used to have a different name for people who suffered from dyslexia. We called them stupid.

Today we call people like MoC assholes. Maybe he just has a narcissitic personality (see the post from SanClemente below) or an undeveloped pre-frontal cortex (MegaWoody below).

Rather than bash him perhaps we should be reaching out.

(Not sure why I am posting this, but I have recently been diagnosed with Psterdapawtexia.)

From MegaWoody some time ago (related to Ray Williams I believe)

Believe it or not there is actually a medical explanation for some of this behavior. The human brain, specifically the pre-frontal cortex, is not fully formed until the age 20-21. Kind of like wisdom teeth. The pre-frontal cortex is the area of the brain that allows us to anticipate future consequences and moderate our behavior accordingly. When one of our posters said that the kids only see the 'present' he was exactly right, scientifically. It's why teenaged boys who aren't famous athletes get in their names in the paper by wrecking their cars, killing themselves and friends.

They may look a lot like adults on the outside, except for the pimples, but they are not yet adults cerebrally. To compensate for this inherent brain deficit, parents, coaches and teachers need to lay down and enforce strict rules of behavior. But for many gifted teenaged athletes, there is no discipline at all. On the contrary, they are coddled and spoiled. Then, left to their own devices, teenaged boys find it diffcult to resist risky behavior.

Hope this doesn't sound like an excuse for the bad behavior we read about every day. It's not. It's merely a caution to the adults who care about these kids that they absolutely must lay down the law, because Junior's not able to lay it down for himself just yet.

From SanClementeBuck yesterday

A narcissistic personality such as Clarett's, there is no situation wherein he doesn't think he is correct, regardless of the reality. In any situation he sees himself as the greatest, the most talented, the most wise. IMHO he has this mental condition that fogs reality for him. It also fogs his judgement. His impulsiveness is directly related to the condition. Anyone not for him is against him. He reacts to the moment with whatever makes sense to him at the moment. Lies and inconsistancies will always be a part of his persona. When his personal decisions work against his own well-being, it doesn't register with him that he's harming himself. Everything the young man does, plays out this basic theme.
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I feel pretty much the same as WoodyWorshipper.

What a waste of talent for the last 2 years. And the shame is that he's now dumping on tOSU and JT.

I still believe he'll have good days for some NFL team team, though. The character issue will keep him out of the first 3 rounds, but once he's on a team, that coach will give him the ball. The injury bug will be what keeps him from being a real force in the NFL.
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