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DE Will Smith (National Champion, Super Bowl Champion, Pro-bowler; R.I.P.)

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You kids stay off my lawn!
Another former NFL player, Joe McKnight, was shot and killed in Nawlins this past week. Road rage incident again. Killer then remained in his car until the Sheriff arrived, admitted to the crime, booked and set free within nine hours.
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THINK, Before You Speak
Former College Pick'Em Champ
Guilty. Still just so damn sad.

Yes it is sad. Don't even know what to feel about this guy. A huge part of me wants to hope he rots in Hell and gets gang-raped daily in prison by Saints fans, but, you just never know what went on that night. Media sensationalizes everything, I actually heard a report that Mr. Hayes cried when he realized it was Will that he killed. Two things are certain, a GREAT Buckeye was taken away from us way too soon, and a young guy that none of us know anything about has thrown his life away, basically, over nothing.

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