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DE/LB Thaddeus Gibson (official thread)

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But wait, there's one more possibility. Thaddeus Gibson- 6-2 243 pounds and quick off the corner, according to Alex Boone, who tried to block him in practice at Ohio State. Gibson a fourth-round choice of the Steelers this year, was released in October, allowing the 49ers to pick him up on waivers. Gibson might get his first extensive look against the Rams Sunday with LaBoy out.
Even with Gibson, the 49ers will again be in the market for a pass rusher in the off-season.

Read more: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/blogs/ninerinsider/detail?entry_id=79492#ixzz18kfO9L5y
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With LB Travis LaBoy out with a season-ending knee injury, it appears rookie LB Thaddeus Gibson could be active for the first time this season against the Rams.

The 6-2, 243-pound Gibson, a fourth-round draft pick (116th overall) by the Steelers, was claimed off waivers on Nov.2. Gibson, who left Ohio State a year early, was a second-team all-Big 10 selection as a defensive end in 2009.

?We?re looking at that this week,? Singletary said when asked about Gibson?s status for Sunday. ?And probably, play on a limited basis.?

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Gibson clarifies remarks on Ohio State
49ers linebacker, former Buckeye says he was taken out of context
Aaron Wilson
December 28, 2010

San Francisco 49ers rookie linebacker Thaddeus Gibson has issued a clarification of his remarks to the Ohio State student newspaper regarding whether Buckeye administrators and coaches told players that selling team merchandise was forbidden under NCAA rules.

"As a team we were made aware on multiple occasions that obtaining any extra benefits as a student-
athlete was a violation of NCAA rules and could lead to punishment for the player as well as for the team," the former Ohio State linebacker said in a statement provided to National Football Post. "At the time of the interview, I was simply commenting on having been made aware of rules regarding extra benefits for student athletes, not on selling any personal items.?

Gibson was quoted by The Lantern, the student newspaper, last weekend as saying that teammates were repeatedly told by athletic Gene Smith and coaches not to sell personal items.

"Oh yeah, they talked about it a lot," Gibson said.

Gibson was referencing obeying the rules about extra benefits, not personal items.

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What happened to my ¤cash?
Buckskin86;1842572; said:

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Thaddeus Gibson. (signed through 2012) You can consider Gibson part of the 2011 draft class. He got scant playing time at the end of the season, finishing with three tackles and one forced fumble. Like everyone else listed above save Brooks, he was a college defensive end, which means he'll have to learn how to play from a two-point stance and how to drop into coverages. Perhaps the biggest reason for optimism is that Gibson was drafted in the fourth round last April by the Steelers, a team with an excellent track record for finding pass rushers. Gibson, who played at Ohio State, was very good against the run but never recorded any gaudy sack numbers. He had five in 2008 and four in 2009.

Read more: http://blogs.sacbee.com/49ers/archives/2011/02/the-outsiders-a.html#ixzz1CwCuvNuP
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Commentary: Step on the brakes: former Buckeye Thaddeus Gibson paid for car
By Eric Taylor
[email protected]
Published: Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Courtesy of MCT
Former Buckeye Thaddeus Gibson played for coach Jim Tressel in 2007-10.

The $0 transaction listing on the purchase of a 2007 Chrysler 300C sold to former Buckeye Thaddeus Gibson was inaccurate, as the Ohio Bureau of Motor Vehicles listed the car as having been sold for $13,700 in June 2007, The Columbus Dispatch reported Wednesday.

The Ohio BMV will continue to investigate, however, because dealer Aaron Kniffin said the prices of cars sold to Ohio State players were not accurate, according to The Dispatch. Ohio law requires that dealers list accurate sales prices.

The question many are asking now is if that price was fair. The national average for dealer retail value of the model by Edmunds.com is $18,326.

To me, it seems highly unlikely that the price Gibson paid was fair. He bought the Chrysler the same year it was made, meaning the price had to have been significantly higher four years ago, before depreciation.

I realize many other factors can play into the pricing, such as optional equipment and mileage, but the lowest price on Edmunds.com for a bare-minimum 300C with 100,000 miles was $12,780. That figure is after four years of depreciation.

Though a collective sigh of relief can be taken by Buckeye fans for today, I have a feeling that the car scandal is far from over, and that the amount Gibson paid for his car may actually turn out to be bad news.


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Redskins claimed OLB Thaddeus Gibson off waivers from the 49ers.

The Steelers, who drafted Gibson last year, and Bears also put in waiver claims, but the Redskins had the worst 2010 record. Gibson was Pittsburgh's fourth-round pick in 2010. The Niners claimed him off waivers early last November and Gibson appeared in the final two games, making two special teams tackles.

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‘17 The Deuce Champ
Fantasy Baseball Champ
'18 The Deuce Champ
  • Gibson and Gholstin, two beast DLs who struggled to become OLBs in the NFL. Not sure why NFL teams insist that athletic DEs have to become LBs. I understand DEs in 3-4 defenses tend to be space eaters, but why 3-4 teams think every athletic DE can become a LB is the mystery.
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    Where you going? NOWHERE!
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    It's time to bring it!
    Jake;1971069; said:
    Gibson and Gholstin, two beast DLs who struggled to become OLBs in the NFL. Not sure why NFL teams insist that athletic DEs have to become LBs. I understand DEs in 3-4 defenses tend to be space eaters, but why 3-4 teams think every athletic DE can become a LB is the mystery.
    The Steelers really liked Gibson as an OLB. He did everything right with them last year. They had to cut someone due to all of the OL injuries they had, and they admitted it was purely a numbers thing. They knew that he would be claimed by another team and they would not be able to sign him to their practice squad. The fact that they put a claim in for him to try and get him back speaks to how well they like him in that position.
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