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DE/LB Thaddeus Gibson (official thread)



Just call Gibson 'The Real Deal'
Euclid junior has only played a few years but has developed into a great pass rusher
Thursday, August 26, 2004
Eddie Dwyer
Plain Dealer Reporter
Thaddeus Gibson didn't start play ing football until the ninth grade.

It was at that time that Euclid High's coaching staff, headed by Mike Rezzolla, recognized Gibson's raw talent - the speed, strength, quickness and nose for the ball.

"My coaches were telling me that I could be a great player some day," Gibson said.

"So I started running at night, improving my foot speed. My brother and my mother would time me to see how fast I could run around the corner."

Taking advantage of the support of his mother, Gwendolyn, and older brother, Rafeale, Gibson kept on running last season. And, more often than not, he ended up in the opponent's backfield - causing havoc.

As just a sophomore in 2003, Gibson drew the praise of rival coaches, who referred to the 6-3, 207-pound outside linebacker as the best pure pass rusher in the area.

"Offenses must prepare blocking schemes and account for him on every play," said Rezzolla.

Although he has adapted to the game of football, Gibson, 16, realizes he is just touching the surface.

He continues to work on his conditioning, day and night, and takes to heart what his defensive coaches - T.J. Florkiewicz and Tom Gibbons - preach to him.

"When he watches films, coach Florkiewicz said he wants to see all 11 defensive players in the picture, 11 heads on the ball," said Gibson. "As for coach Gibbons, it's all about swarming to the ball.

"If I lay a hand on the quarterback, I have to sack him."


Hey Eddie!
Thursday, October 07, 2004
Hey, Eddie: Looking into your crystal ball, which current local football players have the best chance of becoming stars in college or maybe even the NFL?

- Bob Cobb, Elyria

Hey, Bob: When you talk about an area player who has the potential to be playing in the NFL some day, I have to start with St. Edward's senior right offensive tackle, Alex Boone. At 6-8, 320 pounds, Alex not only has the size and strength, but also the footwork and technique you don't normally see in a young kid who is that big. And with his frame, Boone can put on another 40 to 50 pounds. As his line coach, Brian Walnsch, pointed out, Alex moves so well that Ohio State (where he has committed) is considering playing him at guard.

Two other kids that I could foresee being big time in college and taking their skills to the professional level are Glenville senior linebacker Freddie Lenix and Euclid junior outside linebacker/defensive end Thaddeus Gibson. Undersized at his position (6-0, 195), Lenix is tough, fast and strong. With his Ronnie Lottlike football instincts, Freddie could develop into an All-America-caliber safety at the next level. Gibson, who used to be the area's best-kept secret, can simply dominate with his rangy strength and uncanny quickness off the ball. Like Lenix, he is a bit undersized at 6-3, 207. But, like Boone, he will grow into his frame and possibly become a force as a rush end, outside linebacker or strong safety in college. LSU is enchanted with Thaddeus' skills and potential.


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Buckskin86 said:
Duane ranked Thaddeus as the no. 2 LB behind Homan in Ohio High. Duane thinks he could end up as a DE.

Thanks. I also believe Duane has said that Homan is in his top 3 overall prospects next year. That would probably put gibson pretty high on the list as well.
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free Duane Long

Euclid Junior Attends OSU/Wisconsin Game
By Duane Long
Date: Oct 13, 2004

One of Ohio's top junior defensive players is Thaddeus Gibson of Euclid High School. Gibson recently attended his second Ohio State game of the season. What does he think of the Buckeyes?

Could junior linebacker Thaddeus Gibson someday join that group? It's too soon to tell, but Gibson is definitely interested in the Buckeyes as he was in attendance for the Wisconsin game.

"This is my second time down," Gibson said. "I was down for the Cincinnati game."

Gibson has only been to one other campus so far.

"The only place I have been is I went to LSU for camp this summer," he said. "It was a nice experience, but it was hot... I've got schools that are trying to get me to games -- Michigan, Wisconsin, BC, and Pitt."

Gibson is currently rated as one of Ohio's top defensive prospects in the junior class by Ohio High magazine. He likely projects as a linebacker or defensive end.

"I'm playing outside linebacker in a 3-4," he said. "I'm 6-3 and about 205 right now. I ran 4.3 at LSU camp."

Gibson is having a solid junior season to date.

"So far, I've got eight sacks," he said. "I blocked a punt and a field goal. I've got two interceptions and a touchdown.

"I play receiver and fullback on offense. I don't really like playing fullback."

Gibson, who plans to take his test this month, is unsure of where things will go college-wise, but he definitely has his eye on Ohio State.

"I'm not sure at this early stage what I want to do," he said. "I don't know if I'm going to wait or get it over with. I really like Ohio State though."

Gibson also had contact recently with Robert Smith.

"Yeah, he was here about a month ago," Gibson said. "He was doing a book signing."

Expect Gibson to be one of Northeast Ohio's top prospects in 2005, and Ohio State should stay in the thick of things until the end.
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Hopefully he decides to get his recruitment over with early and picks the bucks. He would be a great grab early. Him and Homan would really be great together. We will soon have great depth in lbs and they will be spread out over the classes.
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