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  • Comment was made in gest. I like LeBron, it took courage to make that decision to move to Miami. Cavs fans need too get over it.
    Read the forum rules for the recruiting threads. The kind of "crap" the mods want to avoid are untowards criticisms directed at the recruits and their families. Don't be so defensive of the fanbase. I shouldn't need to qualify my comment for you to know that I'm not broad-brushing. There were several "fans" who attack Anzalone on twitter and those who highjacked Dr. Anzalone online physician ratings. It was a cruel response by a rapid portion of the fanbase. I don't need to call anybody out by name because such cowards do things like that anonymously.

    The fanbase is large and broad, both geographically and stylistically. But there were Ohio State fans who did those things. And my point remains the same: I seriously doubt the Anzalones will be able to forget about it.

    As MDBuckeye pointed out, the post was fine. I'm not sure if you just read it wrong or were being hypersenstive. Quite frankly, I don't care.
    I appreciate the rep. I took exception to your presupposing that the Ohio State "fanbase" had harmed A. Anzalone and his family in some way. You, like I do, spend time following recruiting and I think that maybe you've lost sight of just how few of us there really are. The Ohio State fan base is made up of hundreds of thousands (millions?) of people, 99% of whom have never heard of Alex Anzalone. I probably have close to a hundred friends who are Ohio State fans, many of them season ticket holders, and not one of them would ever consider doing anything harmful to a high school kid or his family. If you have firsthand knowledge of someone doing something harmful to the Anzalone's, then please refer to that person by their name. Ohio State is a great school with great, well meaning, hard working people. You used a pretty broad brush to accuse our fan base of something I don't think they're guilty of.
    Have a good day. Go Bucks!
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