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Nov 26, 2022
Jan 17, 2011
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Senior, from Massachusetts

redguard117 was last seen:
Nov 26, 2022
    1. stowfan
      Va Tech hosed my buddy. He's a well to do guy whose son just graduated with great credentials from WRA.
      If he had applied to a number of schools, he would have been offered merit based aid. He applied EA to Va Tech. Of course he was accepted, and the offered him nothing.
    2. stowfan
    3. stowfan
      Despite having the number one rated business school, you can't anything in the way of a business related bachelors degree. I don't know about you, but that seems odd to me. According to this, 23% of W&L grads walk out with business related degrees, not an option at UC.

      Despite having a graduate school that would be the perfect landing spot for a ChemE, the have no undergraduate engineering program of any kind at UC. They have a Chemistry Department, but it's really not that highly ranked. Maybe it's just me but it seems, the undergraduate program is more of a liberal arts school rather than a business and research powerhouse.
    4. stowfan
    5. stowfan
      He gets some strange mail, West Point sent him a very high quality 7"x5" post card. The right side of the card was a photo of a cadet's right shoulder, and chest, the name badge on the cadet had our last name on it. The University of Chicago sent him a UC pennant along with a letter inviting him to apply. Yes, I know he has no chance of getting in UC, but it was still cool to get.
    6. stowfan
      I still owe you a detailed PM, but early decision Northwestern rejected him as expected, and back up school Kent State accepted him, also expected.
    7. stowfan
      I'll PM you, God blessed me when he sent me you!
    8. stowfan
      The only thing Tressel did for the defense, was recruited great players, and hired good coaches. It's really too bad he used the poor judgement he did with the tat thing. I'm guessing in four years he takes over the Akron Program and then retires.
    9. stowfan
      I hope you're right about the ass spanking. Hoke has put together 2 very good recruiting. When do you go back to school?
    10. WolverineMike
      Click "USER CP"
      left side column is an option to "EDIT IGNORE LIST"
      add me

      I assume that's the route you were going :lol:
    11. LitlBuck
      Old enough to watch the Cleveland Browns win the 1964 NFL championship at the old Cleveland Stadium:) Saw Jerry Lucas play on TV and Saw Rex Kern play live the Shoe:) so I guess I am old enough:lol:
    12. redguard117
    13. stowfan
      Just asking, I know that sport is big in the east. It's a Fall, high school sport in Ohio so it competes with football for athletes. In other words, not a big deal.
    14. stowfan
      Do you play Lax?
    15. stowfan
      Where do you go to school?
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    Favorite Program:
    Ohio State
    Ohio State fan living in New England

    Football, soccer, tennis, basketball, cricket


    "For me to coach John Simon or have a strength coach spend time with him - Donald Duck could be the strength coach [for] John Simon." - Coach UFM
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