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If anyone would've told me at the beginning of the season that Sander would win the Ray Guy Trophy, I'd be homeless right now, because I would've bet the house that he wouldn't.
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I agree Mililani. Everyone was hoping he would just be consistant this year and he came out booming kick after kick plus a lot of punts inside the 20. He was such a big part of the team this year.... congrats to BJ!
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If the "Most Valuable Player" of your team is the guy who played "his" position better than anyone else on the team played "theirs" than I give the 2003 Buckeye "MVP" to Sander, in a fairly close vote over Smith and Hawk.
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I think we all knew he had a season like this inside him somewhere. Which is what made it so frustrating (for me anyway) during his BJ Shankers days. As huge as Andy Groom (where are you DMC? I said his name, I know you'll find this) was for us, I think maybe his greatest feat was resurrecting BJ.

But like Mili, I would have bet the farm that the Ray Guy was out of reach. Very happy to be wrong.

We've been spoiled a bit by phenominal kicking on the part of Nugent, Groom and Sanders. I can only hope we can keep that up in the years to come.
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