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  • You mean at LSU? I've heard rumblings but I'm not real connected with their program. You'd have to ask someone who is tied to LSU.
    Hey i love to see your a sports fan, well i was wandering if you would be interested in joining MSL(my sports legion) its an active sports discussion forum and we are looking for some active and quality members who will post, and help our community grow. We do Vbookies( betting on games of the day with legion points) you earn legion points by posting, and staying active. Once you have enough LP you can redeem for prizes(tickets, jerseys, and gift cards.) its a great expierence!

    Please go to * http://www.mysportslegion.com/forums/register.php?referrerid=264 *And sign up!*

    Refer me: Give Me Glory

    We are trying to start a NBA sim league on our forum, so we need members like you. We also are starting up NCAA12 OD, and other contests!
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