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(6) THE Ohio State vs. (11) Dayton, Thurs 3/20, 12:15p ET, CBS

I did not know where you get your information from regarding Ohio State basketball but wherever you got that piece of information you should regurgitate it. I have seen numerous quotes from Matta and some players throughout the season that this is one of the closest teams Matta has ever had.

It's sad that they didn't walk the talk.
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Dayton coach Archie Miller’s wife, Morgan, wears a shirt that we can all support


We’re not trying to be lecherous here. It’s that shirt that we love so much. High Life is trustworthy and crisp, a relic of American taste as the craft beer snobs, excuse me “experts,” crowd our bar taps. Heck, High Life is a lot like Dayton itself. The Flyers lack pretention and are pretty unrefined (on offense, at least). Who knows where Morgan made that shirt, but it’s awesome nonetheless. She’s the champagne of basketball wives.:rofl:

Entire article: http://extramustard.si.com/2014/03/22/morgan-miller-wife-dayton-archie-miller/?eref=sihp
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I have waited to comment about this year because i wanted to watch it play out. I wanted to see what Matta could come up with in a year where there was no "elite" talent on the team, and overall, I thought it was a decent year. Yeah, it's disappointing to lose in the first round, but, realistically, who didn't at least feel like it was entirely possible that this team could lose in round 1? They just weren't very good. There are no "special" players on this team. Craft is a phenomenal defender, but I think asking him to shoulder the load as a creator, and then scorer was too much. Q is, generally, a scorer, but doesn't really create his own shots, he is improved,but still marginal as a good defender, and those were the best players on the team. LSJr, is a great kid. I admire his commitment to the team, and making an effort to step up his game this year, but he is what he is. A good defender, with a somewhat limited offensive skill set. The biggest disappointments to me are Thompson, who had a good game offensively yesterday, and Williams, who has apparently forgotten what a basketball looks like, and even maybe to a lesser extent, Scott, who just can't seem to come around to being a creator or consistent. I think that Slam T. was expected to be a major contributor in this offense by now, and has shown some ability at times, but he's hardly reliable. Amir though, I just don't know. It's seems like he either doesn't know what to do, or just doesn't care to do it, which leaves a gaping black hole at the post position, and essentially makes it a 4 on 5 game every game. Honestly, I woud have benched him by now.

At the end of the day, it is really hard to win games when you have absolutely no post presence, don't rebound, and struggle to score points. I would like to believe that Matta is doing the best with what he has, and I think that even using LJB's stats that you can make that argument. Having said all of that, it looks to me like there are a lot of very good complimentary pieces to a great team, even with Craft and LSJr. leaving. we need a center, or we need be able to run a smaller, high octane offense. I think Loving is going to be instrumental. Beyond that, i's hard to tell what the future holds for this team.
WyoBuck...your summary is on the money, but even more so is the uncertainty of what next year holds. The void at Center is key in my mind. Your big guy HAS to occupy part of the other teams game plan, and this is not the case with Amir or Trey. I also think that LordJeffBuck's stats tell an interesting story. When watching some of these team that are still in the NCAA tourney, they can flat out shoot the ball. After all the team with the most points does win the game.
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Thad won the Booby prize ..when Scott and Williams said yes to tOSU.
You might want to look back and see how many offers Scott and Williams had from some pretty damn good basketball schools before you open your pie hole. I guess no one knows that Williams had an offer from Duke and some pretty other good schools and Scott probably could have gone anywhere.
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First, let's not lose sight of the big picture: Coach Matta, is obviously doing a much better job at OSU than any other hoops coach has in a long time. And he's doing it with class. I'm certainly not going to be hating on him. I want him to retire when he wants to and as a legend here.

Second, despite the first point, nobody is immune to criticism.

Well, that is about all you had right.

It all goes back to recruiting. Clearly none of the other things you mentioned were serious problems in 2007, 2011 and 2012 when they had a really good group of talent. There hasn't been one legit future NBA player on the team the past couple of seasons, and you can't really plan on winning big in the Big Ten when you're A) losing guys early to the pros and B) not bringing in NBA talent to replace guys you sent to the pros. At the Big Ten level you can't have a super fast tempo and be successful without a lot of offensive talent, and very few up-tempo teams are good defensively (see: Iowa). Matta simply has not had that kind of talent in most seasons at OSU. Sure he hasn't spotted the diamonds in the rough like Burke and LeVert, but let's be honest it's not like UM knew exactly what they were doing or they would've recruited those guys before they committed to a lesser program.

We may just have to wait for Matta to get some future NBA guys again for the team to get back to the top of college basketball. Even if none of the guys he gets become that kind of player, I have confidence that when he's able to combine the very good 2014 class with what should be an even better 2015 class, OSU will once again have the talent to win big.
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