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*2024 tCun Shenanigans, Arguments, Cobras, Feckless Marmots, Fake Pandas, Dirty Cheaters

:lol: watching them rave about fucking Jack Tuttle "that's our starter!" is hilarious

The guy couldn't even take the starting job at INDIANA and threw 5 TDs/6 INTs there in 4 years.

Well the covid loophole is still alive, though to varying degrees of effectiveness.

Tuttle was HS teammates with Chris Olave, and signed in the same 2018 recruiting class.

Chris Olave will be starting his 3rd year as WR1 in New Orleans. He could have easily began that a year earlier too.

To put Tuttle's age into perspective when he was being recruited:

2018 recruiting class counterparts:

Micah Parsons.
Trevor Lawrence.
Justin Fields flipping from PSU to UGA.
Urban stealing NPF on SIgning Day.
Amon Ra St Brown.
Jackson Carman snubbing OSU loudly.
Jaiden Woodbey suddenly picking FSU.
Brenton Cox flipping to UGA.

edit: decided to build into a tweet

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Even when they go 8-4 that still won't drag them back to reality. They'll flip the script and rant about "how great Sherrone did" considering everything they lost.
That will definitely be the narrative next season. And even if OSU beats scUM, they'll bring up the last 3yrs, until OSU beats them 4+ consecutive years
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Even then, that won't do it. They'll still bring up the NC and Harbaugh owning Ohio State.
The thing is he actually has a losing record against OSU, and he ducked a pretty sure loss. Factor in probable asterix/deletions, their old veteran heavy team last year, with a pretty unimpressive slate of quality football teams last season, SCUM fans should check themselves. But they can't.
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