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  • I am actually writing a review about James Rhodes and his time as governor. If you could give me a short paragraph on how he changed the face of Ohio higher education, I would love your insight. I know about the Board of Regents. But there is not much detail on the inside from the book I'm reading.
    Thanks for your support of my position on the hiring of a certain football coach from Ped State! This "winning at all costs" will end up going badly! I enjoy reading your posts!
    That's a good idea; I should pay more attention to the case sizes. I've been interested in vintage watches, but the majority of ladies' styles are a bit small for a lady who wears a size 9 shoe, anyway. :p
    ORD, what was Penn State's academic rank/standing prior to 1993? It's my understanding that membership in the Big Ten has done much to imporve the overall reputation of the place.
    The gist of it was that we should wait until the FACTS come out. Maybe the victims...or whatever you want to call them...had it coming because they had all molested the alleged shooter.

    And that I'm really the true victim in all of this because I'm going to have worry about being massacred when I go see the movie tomorrow night. :lol:
    Got up to Chicago in early June - damn near froze to death- but had a great lunch at the reopened Berghof and then took in the French Impressionists and the special show of OSU grad Lichtenstein's life works at the Art Institute.

    Why does the Big 10 continue to ignore the asset Chicago represents?
    Yeah. I know. I'm going to spend the summer deep diving into high level beer making, then get to that. Having spent the last 6 years making wine, I need a change.
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