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Game Thread (2004) Game One: Cincinnati - 9/4/04 (W, 1-0)


Will Bryant
Staff member
<center><table cellpadding=4 cellspacing=2 border=0 width="96%" bgcolor="#000000"><!-- GAME 1:2004 --> <tr> <td rowspan=4 width="100" align="center" valign="middle" bgcolor="#464646"> <font face="Verdana" color="#5f5f5f"><font size=6><font color="#ffffff">W</font>/L</font><br> <font size=3 color="#ffffff">(1-0)</font> </td> <td colspan=5 align="left" bgcolor="#464646"><font face="Verdana" color="#ffffff"> Game 1: September 4, 2004 (12:00pm) - ESPN Regional</font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td width="50%" align="right" bgcolor="#b90000"> <font color="#ffffff" face="Verdana"><b><font size="4">Cincinnati</font><br> Bearcats<br></b><font size="2"> Conference USA<br> 2004 (0-1), 2003 (5-7)</font></font> </td> <td width="1" bgcolor="#ffffff"> <img src="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/imgops/helmets/Cincinnati.gif" width="80" height="53" alt="Cincinnati"> </td> <td width="1" bgcolor="#b90000"> <font size="5" face="Verdana" color="#ffffff"><b>@</b></font> <td width="1" bgcolor="#ffffff"> <img src="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/imgops/helmets/Ohio_St.gif" width="80" height="53" alt="Ohio State"> </td> <td width="50%" valign="top" align="left" bgcolor="#b90000"> <font color="#ffffff" face="Verdana"><b><font size="4">Ohio State</font><br> Buckeyes</b></font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan=5 align="left" bgcolor="#bababa"><font face="Verdana" size="2"> ALUMNI BAND DAY. The Buckeyes are 11-2-0 (0.846) all-time against Cincinnati. The two losses came in 1896 and 1897. Our last meeting was a 23-19 Win on 9/21/2002 in Cincinnati. Against Conference USA, we are 18-3-1 (0.841). This game sees Mark Dantonio's return to the Shoe as the Bearcats head coach.</font> </td> </tr> <tr> <td colspan=5 align="left" bgcolor="#a5a5a5"><font face="Verdana"><b> <b><font color="#5f5f5f">Discuss</font> : GAME PREVIEW (<a href="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/article.php?a=47">Pt.1</a>/<a href="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/article.php?a=46">Pt.2</a>) : <a href="http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/boxscore?gameId=242480194">Box Score</a> : <a href="http://sports.espn.go.com/ncf/recap?gameId=242480194">Recap</a> : <a href="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=4535">Quotes</a> : Pictures</font></b> </td> </tr> </table><p><b><font size=3 face="Verdana"><font color="#5f5f5f"><< no game</font> | <a href="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/?page=schedule_2004">full schedule</a> | <a href="http://www.buckeyeplanet.com/forum/showthread.php?t=823">game two >></a></font></b></center>
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Another intra-state game which all players and fans including get into a pissing contest just because of the fact that the players who did not choose to go OSU or ones who were passed over have something to prove
in regards to thier ego's and who is best the day of this game.

But it will take on a fuller meaning because of the fact that Mark Dantonio is thier head coach and Jim tressel and Mark will get to play a solid game of chess to see who can match witts in regards to the offensive and defensive strategys to be played out for this game.

But only this time its in the "Shoe" and what Cincinnati fans that will be there, will bear no meaning for this one. I think our defense will shine in the game but more important here is our offense and how they will perform. We have never heard Dantonio speak of football out in the open public as we would like to have heard, but I am sure Tressel knows what he will be about and thats all that matters for now.

I think this game is very important for both sides. More so like student versus teacher aspect. Although Mark and Jim came up together back in the 90's at YSU, i guess it will be like each other looking in the mirror and getting the same reflection. So maybe i should backtrack on the student vs teacher theme. Final score 27 - 16, Ohio State.
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Kips, I agree that this will be a game to see. I think being in The Shoe vice that piece of shit field we had to play on in 2002 will be a huge difference. Dantonio and his OSU cadre may be used 105,000+ fans, but the Cincy players won't be. Mark knows what defenses to call, but he just doesn't have the players at Cincy like he did at OSU. I think we ring up over 30 while holding Cincy under 10.
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daddy - all games are still listed as 'TBA' on the OSU official site.

I may be looking for too much in this one, but I am expecting the OSU offense to come alive against Cincy. All these subtle coaching shifts JT is making tells me he has gotten the message about the O and it will open up. Normally Dantonio's ability to put together a game plan would scare me to death - but he wont have any game film for this group.

There is soooo much speed on offense and I can't imagine Cincy has an answer for Louis Irizarry. (I see lots of folks hyping Hanby, but IMO Louis will be the man this year.)

Dantonio has to replace five seniors on D and implement his system. Will that be ready by game one? I don't think so. Will Zwick be ready after sitting for two years? Absolutely.

On the other hand, with Hall and Guidugli Cincy has the makings of a good attack in their own right (despite losing three OL). Our D will be raw and under a new coach as well. They wont give us a serious challenge, but could put a few on the board.

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How big of a factor will Delbert Ferguson be in this game? I remember reading somewhere (CFBNews?) that he might make a significant impact as a freshman. I remember a time over at BN when almost everybody was creaming their pants over him, and then when it became obvious that tOSU didn't want him (about this time last year), people started going apeshit on Tress. I wish the kid luck, but I hope for the sake of my sanity and the sanity of other normal Buckeye fans that our D stuffs him big time. I don't really think that'll be a problem, but stranger things have happened. We don't need the :nerd: types coming out of the woodwork.
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The Buckeyes vs. UC?....In the 'Shoe?.....IT'S ASS-WHIPPIN' TIME! Yeah, I know... they gave us a tough game in 2002...in-State teams always play us tough...blah...blah...blah. This OSU team will not be over-confident. They will come out to try to prove that they will be a top-notch team. The new players will be anxious to play well in their 2004 debut.

Prediction: OSU - 45
UC - 10
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There is soooo much speed on offense and I can't imagine Cincy has an answer for Louis Irizarry. (I see lots of folks hyping Hanby, but IMO Louis will be the man this year.)

Care to adjust your final score now? :biggrin:
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Maybe I'm just making excuses... maybe I'm just rationalizing... but it seemed to me that the field at Paul Brown Stadium gave our guys more trouble than it did the Interspecies felines. Anyone else see it that way? I just seem to recall that our WR's had trouble cornering (more speed, momentum, etc...) and that helped the DB's keep close.

I'm probably just making excuses... I AM biased, after all.
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Well there's that, and there was also the UC wide receiver who was catching balls 3 feet outside his reach. It was like he was in the Matrix, willing the ball to his hands. That won't happen again.

I'm a little nervous about Zwick starting his first game against a defensive mastermind. Krenzel had more than a little help when Clarett absolutely shredded the defenses in the opening games a couple years ago. Who will be the man to ease the transition...maybe Ginn.
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Bear in mind that Krenzel's first start was in 2001 (Illinois, wasn't it?) and he did just fine... but we all know CK. Zwick is an unknown, and that is worrisome. You made a very good point about Dantonio... he knows (and will use) every trick in the book, and I'm sure he's sitting down there just thinking up some new ones, too.

We're lucky that he doesn't have the players he's used to. Cinci's players are good, don't get me wrong, but I think the differences in skill, speed, and training--though slight--will be enough for our O to keep just a step ahead of the game. And bear in mind that for several of those guys, one step is more than enough.

This won't be a laugher, by any means. I'm expecting a solid game by all involved. Dantonio has always been able (much like Tressel) to get his guys to play beyond their abilities, and I foresee a time of prosperity in UC football... But this IS the BUCKEYE state, and Tress's boys are still the biggest, baddest bunch on the block. We'll be OK :)
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What time does this game start? Anyone?

A noon kick with only local TV coverage. (ESPN Plus) The plus stands for more mistakes as someone posted once.

There is soooo much speed on offense and I can't imagine Cincy has an answer for Louis Irizarry. (I see lots of folks hyping Hanby, but IMO Louis will be the man this year.)

Wow! Great prediction :wink2:

Here is what I think. From what I have read Cincinnati brings in average defensive talent, but a lot of experience. If they understand what they are doing defensively by the first game. (FYI Ohio State's Defense got it from day one when JT/Dantonio came in) They could be a real challenge for a young offensive line with little experience, and a first time starter at QB.

The good news is Zwick will know what to expect and what to look for, but he will need his team to execute which has been a problem on offense.

Our defense however could put us in some great situations. I see Guidugli as a Steve Belesari type player. He is capable of making some great plays, but can make some big goofs as well. We are going to have to hope that Snyder doesn't let Dantonio and his offensive coaches figure out what we are doing. If he can do this with the talent we have on the field, I think we can cause a lot of turnovers.

Prediction: Ohio State 24 Cincinnati 16
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Unfortunately......I see this game being a lot closer than it really should be. I think with Zwick/Smith's first time out, they'll be a little jittery. I see the offense coming out sputtering. Plus I Dantonio will have a few up his sleeve to keep them within striking distance. But in the end our Defense will be what gives us the 'W' for the day.
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