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  • Yeah I totally get what you are saying. I rail against the bashing a fair amount-which makes folks say I'm contrarian. Message boards just aren't very good anymore. Sorry to see you go, but you've stuck it out longer than most.
    Well, to be honest, I got carried away by the Knox commitment and said "Mustipher who" in his thread. Didn't expect a perma-ban though. But I'm not too worried about it. Perhaps this is god's way of telling me to work on getting a job instead of following football... :biggrin:
    Hope all goes well with surgery. TD Jesus and I wish you the best.

    It was a great day and great atmosphere.

    Kids and I loved it!
    This is entirely a shot in the dark, but given that you are the resident ND fan on the board I was wondering if you possibly had any ticket connections to a Notre Dame game this fall. Specifically the Nevada or Michigan State games are my targets for a friend getting married. He doesn't fall into the crowd that would enjoy a typical bachelor party so I wanted to do something different for him. My goal is to get him and his father in law into their first ever ND game, so any helpful tips, links or contacts you can provide to facilitate this ambition would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help.

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