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Last Activity:
Mar 20, 2018
Feb 26, 2006
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Think less, feel more., Male

ant80 was last seen:
Mar 20, 2018
    1. muffler dragon
      muffler dragon
      To where are you moving in NC?
    2. sepia5
      Hey ant--Thanks for checking in. I've still been lurking, just not posting much. Things had been hectic at work for the past few months, but they are calming down now. Hopefully I'll be able to spend more time on here soon. How are you doing?
    3. ulukinatme
      Haha, got a kick out of that rep, thanks for it
    4. MililaniBuckeye
      When you want to embed a Youtube video, juct click the [IMG] button and make sure you have a description for the link. For example, if you wanted to embed Cheech and Chong's "Earache My Eye", it would look like this (just replace the curly brackets with square brackets):
      {URL=""}Earache my eye{/URL}
    5. Buckeyevsworld
      Saw this same username on there. I'm slow for just realizing that you're the same user. lol How do you not go crazy there? They spew so much hate at Ohio State.
    6. Buckeyevsworld
      Do you post on Irishenvy?
    7. swopes6
      I saw your post on the bama/mizzou game. Are you from Missouri? I live in Springfield.
    8. Taosman
      "Good pep speech" Well we do need to move on from all that "Disaster in the Desert" stuff! LOL
    9. BUCK3YE5
      haha you did it for me 3 years ago too lol, till yesterday I hadnt been on since 08...some meanie neg repped me for bad english or something? Lol..thanks again dude
    10. sepia5
      Hey ant--good to see your friend request coming my way. Hope you're well and that your health has improved.
    11. sepia5
      Hey, ant. I just thought I'd stop by to say hey. I hope you're health has improved and you're doing well! Take care, man.
    12. sepia5
      I knew you'd had some health problems a while back, but I didn't realize how severe those problems were. I'm really sorry to hear that, ant. I hope you make a full recovery. Miss your posting around here, man.
    13. sepia5
      Hey, ant. Haven't seen you posting much. How are you doing?
    14. gracelhink
      Hope you are feeling better. Our prayers are with you, BP brother. Get well after your hospital time.
    15. cincibuck
      cincibuck Here's a cite for the quote. The speech was in the introduction on Hutchin's book which I read for my ed philosophy class way back in the 60s. I've tried to find it since and it never seems to show up. I'll keep looking 'cause it's a doozey and he really takes the UM folks to task.
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    Favorite Program:
    The Ohio State University


    Style: Think less. Feel more.
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