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  • Can't say if I'll ever be back to posting. I used to be on here a lot but it really has gotten bad the last few years. When I do say something in the college forum the accident is inevitably brought up as a punchline. Criticisms are fair, but I think some topics shouldn't be used as jokes. There's really nothing to discuss anyway, they fucked up and heads should have rolled.
    Don't make me feel bad sucker :pissed: Look Mat all of us do the SEC chant at our games. Woof, Nutria and I have all done it. Feel free to call the practice or custom a stupid tradition, but I'd appreciate it if you would not attribute that to us - the fans. That makes it a little personal with those of us who follow our school and conference traditions. No biggie, and you will never "get it", but with hundreds of thousands of people "getting it" who are fans of the respective SEC schools, it is safe to assume that not all of them are morons or stupid or baffoons.

    So maybe it's just semantics, but - ya know.
    I hear ya. I'm not saying that the NFL Buckeyes aren't getting a fair shake....well...some aren't. Carpenter and Vern both come to mind....but I get that not every elite CFB player takes his game to the Pro Bowl. I'm not delusional.
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