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Recent content by souL

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  1. souL

    Pussification of America continues

    Sounds like participation to me...
  2. souL

    Thread of Metal

    Metallica - For Whom The Bell Tolls with lyrics - YouTube Clutch 10001110101 - YouTube Volbeat - Boa (jdm) - YouTube This is what Greece can do: Wastefall - Self Extinction Project - YouTube Metal in Iraq--there's hope for the world! Acrassicauda - "Garden of Stones"...
  3. souL

    Thread of Metal

    A Classic... Sepultura Inner self - YouTube Pain of Salvation... their first 4 albums are gripping and poignant. Pain of Salvation - Ashes - YouTube Dream Theater. Best prog metal song of all-time. Without them I don't know how my musical tastes would be shaped currently. Pull...
  4. souL

    The Greatest American Rock Band (Poll)

    They're not rock but neither is Metallica... so f'in SLAYER.
  5. souL


    Morning: Amp Wheybolic extreme 60. Pre workout: Jack3d, GNC Creatine Plus, Beta Alanine, half-dose of Amp endurance booster. Post: MHP Dark Matter. Night: Dymatize Elite Gourmet Protien Update: I was down to 187 by the time I finished the program, and I was lean and mean. I picked up...
  6. souL


    I wasn't fat by any means, but I think the old cliche holds to form here. Get what you put in. I'm on a good supplement stack with a proper diet and a good routine, and I'm building lean muscle very quickly. For anyone reasonably fit, gains only come with pushing the envelope. @injury--I...
  7. souL


    I'm into week 12 on the lean program, I went from 223 to 195. I'm not following their diet, but I do have a nutrition regimen of my own. I eat 1 gram of protein for every lb of my ideal weight. Then I just try to limit my intake of complex carbs and refined sugars. I have radically changed...
  8. souL

    Stanley Cup Final - Blackhawks-Flyers

    I was one of the 2 million estimated at the parade. What a sight. PKane took the podium absolutely tanked, living up to his promise to McNugget.
  9. souL

    Stanley Cup Final - Blackhawks-Flyers

    122 decibels in the madhouse during the anthem last night. In terms of atmosphere--it's hard to top that in its own sport.
  10. souL

    Chicago Blackhawks

    One goal: 7.
  11. souL

    Top frontmen in rock

    Maynard James Kennan. There are way too many people making this thread that aren't rock frontmen.
  12. souL

    Taco Bell Pacific Shrimp Taco

    I can't get enough of the 5-layer burrito. So I coupled one with a Shrimp Taco. Well, it was ok. For that price though, Cheesy Gordita Crunch.
  13. souL

    SI Swimsuit: A Perfect 10?

    Since I'm the only one that can really be an accurate judge...find them both and we'll do a private shoot at my house.