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Recent content by hamiltuckbuck

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  1. hamiltuckbuck


    Thank you for doing this, Buckdub!
  2. hamiltuckbuck

    Ebay Ticket Scams (Merged)

    stolen accounts Be careful of eBay scammers with good feedback...especially if they don't want you to contact them through eBay. These fucks will steal accounts of honest eBay members (people who haven't used their account for a while) to show a history of great feedback. These douche bags are...
  3. hamiltuckbuck

    TORRENT MEGATHREAD - Full Game Downloads!

    JC, just leave it on your machine, on line, and it will do the rest. Prine, I'm seeding the 04 NC St 24/7 and will continue for the rest of the week.
  4. hamiltuckbuck

    TORRENT MEGATHREAD - Full Game Downloads!

    I've been seeding the scUM game for a week, 24-7, on a road-runner connection.
  5. hamiltuckbuck

    The Buckeyes' Most Agonizing Loss

    1969 scum. Jim Mandich riding around satan's pit, on teammates shoulders, is an image I have never been able to exorcise. The super sophs were my boyhood hero's. Their first loss crushed me. Watching that paganist celebration, of my heartbreak and misery, burned a deep hatred for anything...
  6. hamiltuckbuck

    Defending OSU

    Our quarterbacks.
  7. hamiltuckbuck

    The Buckeye Planet All-Star Team (Football)

    No disrespect towards Uhlenhake or Bentley, but I'd check with Pete and Archie, about the All Century Team center they played with.
  8. hamiltuckbuck

    DVD Burning Question

    For an easy way to burn content found on the net to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" /><st1:stockticker w:st="on">DVD</st1:stockticker> (playable on your set top player) try these two programs. With these two programs you can take any video found on...
  9. hamiltuckbuck

    The Big Unit to The Big Apple

    I don't know how much more shit the effing D-Backs can throw in the Yankees face considering they pole ****ed us in the rear end by engineering the biggest choke job in the history of sports, Didn't the Yankees engineer "The choke"? 180 million just don't buy what it used to, I guess.
  10. hamiltuckbuck

    The Big Unit to The Big Apple

    Sloopy, is BJ Ryan the pitcher Cincy sent to Baltimore in the Jaun Guzman trade?
  11. hamiltuckbuck

    Which recruit was it?

    I don't know, Willie Williams sure loved that Radisson in Tallahassee. After a holding cell I'm sure it didn't take much to impress Willie.
  12. hamiltuckbuck

    '05 PA FB/RB Ed "Horse" Collington (West Virginia signee)

    The 5-foot-10, 210-pound senior....Is the horse really that much bigger than Haw? Haw puts some serious speed along side that size.
  13. hamiltuckbuck

    Al Gore invented... merged threads!

    Al Gore invented Catholics.
  14. hamiltuckbuck

    McKinley - Colerain State Title Game

    St. X isn't a public school is it?