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Recent content by Doafhat

  1. Doafhat

    Jersey / Uniform Discussion (OSU)

    Yup, looks like it. In our case, I think it's a definite upgrade because we're dropping the much-maligned "calculator numbers" in favor of a more traditional font. But in Ohio State's case, I think it's a minor downgrade stylistically. However, I think Ohio State's change could be because the...
  2. Doafhat

    Jersey / Uniform Discussion (OSU)

    I saw these earlier today on a logo & uniform message board, and I've got to say that - even though I go to a different OSU - I don't like them. Ohio State had a fantastic look for so many years with the wide gray stripes and it's a shame to see the Buckeyes abandon a great uniform. Still, and...
  3. Doafhat

    Interactive Ohio Stadium Tour

    That's really cool, I wish my OSU had something like that for tours of Boone Pickens Stadium or Historic Gallagher-Iba Arena. Gallagher-Iba has a really crappy website that has a "virtual tour" on it, but it's nowhere near as good as that tour of Ohio Stadium, and I wish okstate.com would get...
  4. Doafhat

    More New Nike Uni's

    Damn, so Utah has joined the Axis now... looks like I'll have to update my sig accordingly :mad2:
  5. Doafhat

    More New Nike Uni's

    Looks good, but I prefer our current look and I hope we never change from it. The three stripes look is our most successful style, worn during the Gundy/Dykes/Sanders era, and now during our current run. I'm especially fond of those bottom two pictures :D
  6. Doafhat

    More New Nike Uni's

    I hate that Nike has decided to use their wacky piping/insert Miami template for every new uniform in college football. I hope that they don't decide that Oklahoma State needs to be assimilated into their Axis of Piping any time soon. BTW, check out my new sig pic for o-state.com:
  7. Doafhat

    Tragic - Vernon Grant OK State Safety Dead

    On behalf of the Oklahoma State family, thank you for your thoughts and prayers. Vernon was one of the most special young men that ever wore the orange and black. He was only 5'9, but was really a giant that was among us.
  8. Doafhat

    A coach that pisses you off

    Well uh, I'd def-fun-illee take Bob Stoops, head coach of da Big 12 Champion Okla-ho-ma Sooners. We like ta measure our seasons in champ-in-chips, and fer more health news from OU Medical Center, go ta Kay Eff Oh Arr dot com!
  9. Doafhat

    What is the Fiercest Mascot?

    My votes go to the Concordia College Cobbers and the St. Peter's Peacocks:
  10. Doafhat

    tOSU vs ILLINI (Merged All)

    Wow, what an unbelievable finish! Great win Bucks! :gobucks1: :gobucks2:
  11. Doafhat

    Any Buckeye fans catch Big Monday??

    Y'know, this is at least the second time that the officials' questionable calls have played a big part in wins for Texas in the last year. The other case was Texas surviving against Kansas in football, which us OSU fans looked past because it helped improve our bowl standing ;) But you know...
  12. Doafhat


    UO has a far worse band IMO, I've never been to a game with USC's band there, but my experiences around the UO band has given me the opinion that they're The Worst Damn Band in the Land. I honestly think they only know about 5 songs, including a perverted version of our state song "Oklahoma!"...
  13. Doafhat


    If you think SC's band was bad, then you've never gone to a game against UO. During the Bedlam game in Stillwater, they played their 4-note fight song after EVERY PLAY in the 4th quarter (no exaggeration). Regardless of whether it was a positive or negative play, they would play the Four Notes...
  14. Doafhat

    A.P. pulls out of BCS next year

    I agree with you completely, and I think Fox is getting ready for a big push to challenge ABC/ESPN. Fox gobbling up the rights for the BCS and Cotton Bowl is, in my opinion, the groundwork for "Big Fox" (the big broadcast network, not the local FSN's) to begin airing weekly college football...
  15. Doafhat

    OK State by the numbers

    Keep in mind that these are just numbers, guys. Analyzing stats is easy, but breaking down the team from the start of the season to now is a totally different beast. At the beginning of the year we were all afraid that Donovan Woods's throwing ability might cost us some games, yet at the end of...