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Recent content by BuckeyeBru

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    ABJ's Take on Offense

    I just hope Holmes sticks around for Robby S. and Wells. This offense is so bad it takes away the joy of watching the defense. THis ain't YSU. Perhaps we should get rid of the nepotism as well.
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    Post-Game Post Mortem - Penn State

    Clarity, Are you by any chance from Glanville? A top 10 team doesn't have this many losses so early in the season. I think we are very good, it just that we are 3-2 looking in, but not in. So that rah-rah post which you copied and pasted was inspiring, but perhaps best given to the team...
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    Post-Game Post Mortem - Penn State

    I have a few impressions and yes, some of them may have already been said, but I post so seldom. I wonder if the glanville gang doesn't have too much control. Tress said he starts smith cause the players rally around him. Too bad they don't do much at the rally. Smith doesn't seem to see the...
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    Long Snapper for '05?

    long snapper mike jacobs
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    A little late

    Living in the garden state of new Jersey, where high school football is far from an event Elder v. Moeller or Ironton v. Portsmouth it isn't, I finally came across some guy in the grocery store wearing this ugly blue and maize shirt. I thought one thing GLOAT GLOAT GLOAT It was wonderful...
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    where can I buy a Lucas or havlicek jersey for my son? A bobby knight would be great too.
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    Woody's '67 season.

    67 bucks the core of the 68 team were sophmores .In 67 they couldn't play., but we were 6-3. The point is Woody coached up a young team in 68. We have a young team now, can JT coach them up as woody did? Woody was able to adapt . btw 1967 osu 24 UM 14. btw the 66 team had a 1 point loss and...
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    Vote for your favorite Buckeyes!

    This Buckeye was pretty good I always thought he was pretty good
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    After the Game

    bandwagon I went to dinner in penn with gray slacks, a scarlett sweater and an osu hat on. I picked a buffet cause I knew the penn hogs would be only thinking of the food. If stopped, i was going to speak of Nichol. Isn't he from penn. tressel won with cooper's team. This is tressel's...
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    Zwick vs. Smith (official thread)

    black qb's with corny and jackson have we so quickly forgotten Rod gerald. Tressel may be a better field coach than cooper was , but please, coop could evaluate talent. His team won a NC 2 years ago or his players minus mc did. This is Tressel's team.
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    ABC coverage map vs. Wisconsin

    Hey njbuck I got gameplan . but this year every bucks game has been on regular cable. I also got directtv's sunday ticket, but I only see the browns twice a year when the mighty bengals are kicking butt. The thing is I have had to tape most games cause my kids play too...
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    OSU-Northwestern 2004

    I can't help thinking about some Vince Lombardi quotes. he reminds me of Woody. Teams do not go physically flat, but they go mentally stale. The harder you work, the harder it is to lose. Winning is not a sometime thing -- it's an all time thing. You don't do things right once in a while, you...