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Recent content by Bleed S & G

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  1. Bleed S & G

    THE GAME: ttun @ tOSU, Sat Nov 26, 12pm, FOX

    Jim Tressel teams winning due to chaos and running QBs is a bad take. JT teams seemed to build and build each week with new never before seen plays being unveiled against UM and playing our best ball in that game. Tressel was built for the playoff era. November is for contenders.
  2. Bleed S & G

    P.J. Fleck (Boat Rower, HC Minnesota Golden Gophers)

    Yeah, well... I'll forever be thankful to Herman for "the trinity" - offense fell apart the minute he left Columbus. He saved Urban from himself - still can't believe not running Hyde in the B1G Championship against MSU on 3rd & 1 and 4th & 1 .... fucking guy didn't lose a yard all year.
  3. Bleed S & G

    Say, whatever happened to...?

    I still lurk - I know that I am not one of the heavy contributors that are missed - but I wanted to drop a line and let you know that as someone reading when I can: I miss all of those posters, too. I don't know that you can get them back - reading JLBs tweets is a good example - but, you can...
  4. Bleed S & G

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Man, we all switched over to Rainbow Six Siege about the time I posted in this thread. PM me your PSN name's and I'll add you guys/play Battlefront when I see you guys online @jwinslow
  5. Bleed S & G

    Star Wars Battlefront

    Turning Point is the shit.
  6. Bleed S & G

    Making a Murderer (Netflix)

    Anyone see his new attorney? 17 overturned convictions in the last 20 years... shit just got real.
  7. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    I find this thought interesting Jwins.. is that what you think we saw with Cardale during the beginning of the year. Don't get me started on the tight ends.
  8. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    So, in order to keep Warinner from "aggressively" pursuing HC gigs - Urban hired an idiot? It was my impression, that the OC promotion was what Warinner needed to stay here.. not Tim Beck. I have no doubts that the history between Beck/Warriner played a role in hiring the new QB coach - but -...
  9. Bleed S & G

    WR Braxton Miller (B1G POY, National Champion)

    Any reason the thread title is H-Back and not WR?
  10. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    I was on the wrong side before, and feel silly now. Just trying to relay my experience now that Tom Herman is Jesus Christ Superstar - Beck is an underqualified retard, yet Urban hired him?
  11. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    I mean, do you guys really think Beck ran the game unchecked from the booth? That Urban heard all the play calls, disagreed with them, but trusted Beck to call the game from the sky? That what we saw on Saturdays was more a reflection of Beck than it was the head coach and/or the team itself? It...
  12. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    I am not saying Warriner in the booth isn't the difference, infact, I am sure I posted something to that effect after the scUM game. My point, of being embarrassed, wasn't commentary on threads here (I haven't picked through this one) but elsewhere on the internet Buckeye fans are spewing a lot...
  13. Bleed S & G

    Ken Griffey Jr. (MLB HOF)

    Ca.. ca.. call me junior. I still use his swing as a coach when comparing it to my players. Sweetest swing of all.
  14. Bleed S & G

    Tim Beck (HC Coastal Carolina)

    I mean, it's embarrassing.. the hate heaped on this guy all over the internet.