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It ain't easy, bein' cheesy.
What was your very first job? I'm talking all the way back- high school, whatever, the very first time you were hired to do a job and get paid for it.

Mine was as a cook at Kentucky Fried Chicken. I think it was the summer before 10th grade. It sucked- I would frequently get burned on my hands and arms while dropping chicken into the fryers. I think the absolute worst, however, was cleaning out the greasetrap underneath the sink where we washed dishes. That shit was foul. And to think, I did it all for $2.85/hour.

After I quit that job, I wouldn't go near fried chicken for several years.


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  • Worked at a cattle farm where my job was to weed eat everyday ALL DAY!!!!

    Needless to day, I ended up with mono, poison sumac, bee stings, and fell off of the top of a hay wagon and about shattered my right knee cap when I struck the wagon tongue on the way down.
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    Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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    When I was 11 or 12, I used to go to work with my Dad and glue the emblems to Plastic Wheel covers in an electroplating factory on Saturday Mornings... that was pretty boring but the owner would pay me 20 bucks cash for 4 hours of work... which at 11 years old in '84 or '85 was pretty good scratch... 4 times my allowance I think.
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    I started working on a farm between my 7th and 8th grade, I think I was making $3.85 and I worked there until my sophomore year in college making $5.75.

    It was a pretty good size farm, 4500 acres of crops, 300 head of hogs and 200 steers. I did everything from mow the grass to cut hogs and clamp steers, kinda a primitive procedure compared to what humans go through. Still it was a kick ass job, long hours, low pay and not a care in the world.
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    The Most Power-Drunk
    My first job was when I was the summer between by fourth and fifth grade years in elementary. I lived out in the sticks at the time, and our neighbors (next door neighbor, and they lived about a half mile down the gravel road) were Amish. They paid me $5/day to drive a team of horses around the field picking up hay. I thought it rocked because I was driving a six-hitch wagon. Nice. Of course, those big ass horses knew what they were doing, which was good, since I couldn't have changed their minds if they decided to do something else...
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    I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
    Bucktastic said:
    Washing dishes at a retirement home. Just imagine washing pureed everything off dishes. Hell on Earth.

    mine was too! It was a retirement "community". I would work Saturdays and Sundays.... after about 3pm everyone would leave and let me finish all the dishes/pot/pans myself. After a few weeks I got fed up and started throwing away dishes instead of washing them... then I quit.
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    Capo Regime
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    Cutting grass at $5/hr with a standard push mower for a small time landscaping business in a small town...especially sucked because Dad was the owner and it was a side gig for him to have some extra money to blow at the bar and on the poker machines:roll2:
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    It's time to bring it!
    I worked for the Jet Express (Jet-engine catamaran ferryboats from Port Clinton to Put-In-Bay.) $4 an hour while working the docks and $5+ when a crewmember (after I turned 18 in August.) Pretty cool job, especially the crew part. Lots of friendly people, cute girls, and stumbling drunks.

    The first boat I crewed on was the Arrow, and although it was known as the "slow" boat (mono hull, non-jet engine powered) it was also know as the "party" boat, since it had a bar with beer kegs and wine coolers. I worked there for about 3 years (summers.)
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    First paying job was as a paperboy. Those Sunday papers sucked as you could only stuff ten in a bag as opposed to 50+ weekday papers.

    First high school job was working at a friend's family's car dealership. I used to do the work while my friend ran errands for the salesmen.

    First regular, paying job in high school was as a cook at a small italian restaurant. Not a bad job, except my car stunk like greasy italian food forever after a year there.
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    Mowed grass for a lawn company making $1.75 hr! Loved it as I was always tan and had some good times with some of my friends. I still love working on my lawn although installing a sprinkling system with the wife is one heck of a job.....
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    Mirror Guy
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    scooter1369 said:
    Bagging ice at a Apollo Ice in Hyattsville Maryland. eight hours a day in a refridgerated store room, bagging and stacking on pallets. Made $6.50 an hour in 1986.
    I spent a summer delivering ice for Home City Ice in Cleveland. Luckily they thought I was better at delivering the ice chests to stores and gas stations so I spent most days doing that. I traveled everywhere from Sandusky to Western PA. Hard work but fun.
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